Thursday, March 04, 2010

Snow, Warm, Hot, Hotter, Freezing Rain

That has been the weather pattern in just the past four days. Crazy. Oh, and lucky me I have acquired (courtesy of my students) the lung-filled hack with the green goo filled coughs (did you like that description?). I have been achy all over and just generally not feeling well. I'm not sure, but I think that my class might have noticed when I got all grouchy. I hate doing that because it erodes the fragile community that we have worked to create. Sometimes it feels so pointless. I teach lesson after lesson on being kind, respectful, and honest. We discuss what that means, what it looks like, we role play, and we do worksheets (not that THOSE are super helpful at times). I think everything is going well and then I have a student who comes to me in tears feeling that no one in class cares about them. I overhear students talking about horrific movies and video games they play and the things they do to each other inside and outside of school. I step back and ask myself why I even try to teach those things and if it is worth it. I guess if I don't try, I CAN'T make a difference, but sometimes I truly wonder if the effort and stress are worth it. Will I give up? I really want to, but these darn perfectionist genes I posses won't allow it. I don't know where those stupid genes even came from.
Well, that is enough whining for one day, so I will spare your ears.


P.S. Please send some health and warmth our way- we need it!

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