Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Learned Something New...

I learned something new in my class last night- That it is possible to get an A+. I really didn't think that was possible, but when our group got our feedback, we got an A+. Our professor told us that we exceed her expectations for the project. What a wonderful feeling! Partly because the presentation is complete and it was a success, and partly because we worked hard as a team and deserved that grade!

This morning my wife and I were out the door by 7:00am. Neither of us slept well with the two littlest ones in and out of our bed all night, so it was a challenge to even make myself get up! We started out under partly clouded skies with a slight breeze. A prefect day for a walk. When we were about 1 mile into it, we watched as the wall of rain headed our way! That was weird to watch. We did an immediate about face and headed for home. Of course we were not any where NEAR fast enough to out walk the rain, so we got a bit wet. It was still a nice walk!

When we got home, my wife made breakfast while I read out-loud and then we ate together, just the two of us. That was also a rare treat. I am really enjoying the larger chunks of time I am able to spend with my wife. What an amazing lady she is.

After breakfast the day quickly went in to overdrive. With "Summer Adventure" time today (that is what I call the summer school program we are doing at the elementary school this summer), coach pitch, lunch at the city park- the morning flew by and was over before I knew what hit me.

This afternoon, Ms. D came over for lunch and we finished (I can't believe I actually get to use THOSE words in THIS sentence!) our group paper, had the entire group look it over through e-mail, and then make final corrections and submit it! I think we turned in a truly well written paper! Speaking of paper, I was also very shocked to see that on my final individual paper for this same class, I also received an A+. TWO A+'s in one day! To celebrate the success of my class, we all went to the Chow Hound (a local food joint) and got ice cream. Actually the kids and wife had ice cream, I had dinner- and IT WAS YUMMY! Cheese fries are wonderful!

With the paper submitted and the few corrections made to the power point (our professor asked if she could use it in the future), I was able to turn my attention to the personal/group evaluation I had to do as the final piece of this huge project. Can I just tell you that I really don't enjoy trying to think of strengths and weaknesses of everyone, most of all myself! Seriously, who wants to list THAT on a paper that you are going to hand to your teacher?!?!?! (I did finish and actually only sent it off about 30 minutes ago!)

After all that was said and done my wife went to her monthly BUNKO group night, and I took the kids, yes ALL 5 of them, and headed to my parents for a little while! It was nice to chat with them. They just bought a new 24 ft. party barge boat. It is really nice and will be fun to ride on. In fact, they took my oldest son out yesterday on a lake sort-of near here for a test run. After we left there, we headed to a friends house. His wife is also in the BUNKO group so we usually hang out and chill while the ladies do their BUNKO thing. After my wife and her friend returned, we sat and chatted for a while. That was nice. While we were there it rained a bit. I love the smell of rain in the air. It is so summery!

That bring me to about now, sitting here killing these stupid little flying bugs that keep landing on my screen. Grrrrrrr! Tomorrow will be a busy day. I still have 4 stinkin' papers to crank out for my other class and then that one will be done as well! The only downer is that one of the 4 is a 12 page paper. That is something I am not really looking forward to even attempting. The other three are 1-2 page, SINGLE spaced papers. Anyways, I guess I best turn in. I have to water the yard and get my essays done tomorrow!


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  1. Way to go on the A+'s! Must have been all that proof-reading/editing I did for you. :) Love you lots--I too am enjoying the extra time we get to spend together! :) Love you that one thing!


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