Sunday, August 01, 2010

"Just Keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming"- Dory, from Finding Nemo

I think that is one of my favorite movies. I love that line (along with many others such as "He touched the butt (boat)", and "Es-ca-pe"). Today has been a strange and off day for me. I am not sure why, but meeting with my advisor from the U of U last Thursday and discussing everything that has to happen between now and May so I can graduate has me feeling so overwhelmed that I feel like I am going to drown in my stress.
I know that it is spread out over a huge amount of time, and that everything will be okay- but it just seems SO crazy right now. Silly me, I am stressed over my Praxis test in January- the what if's are eating me up. I hate that the perfectionist side of me wins out so often and leaves me feeling deflated and angry at the world. But, I guess if I didn't have some vice to keep me on the Earth I might be translated- Ha Ha!
Anyways, if you see me around and I look angry, don't take it personally- it is just stress! :)
I have enjoyed the past couple of days, however, visiting with my sister. she came yesterday and is staying until tomorrow.
This week is scheduled out to be super busy. Monday and Tuesday working at the school (Tuesday Melinda and I are copying and binding all the newly revised handbooks for the school- over 125 copies to be printed and bound- Yea...BLAH), Wednesday I am attending a Math meeting on the other side of the district (1.5 hours each way), Thursday we load up the herd and head to my wife's family reunion in the mountains somewhere at the aunts cabin- we are tenting it with five kids (should be interesting) until Saturday and then back home again- I am looking forward to that the most! Thankfully that will be the last major road-trip of the summer. If only my Masters Classes didn't start the same day as school, what a much more pleasant week it would be. Thankfully, I will NEVER have to worry about that again. College just isn't for me- especially with my HUGE need to get straight A's. Much too stressful, and honestly, and I can't say as it really is worth the time investment. I think that today's college teachers are more out of touch with what is going on and the needs of the education system that I find it to be tedious, busy work, and time consuming hoop jumping. I know I am supposed to be in this program, but I really want to quit it. If I wasn't bound by a contract to the district, I really probably would drop out. Guess it is a good thing there is a contract.
Well, I have whined and moaned enough in this posting. A little on the depressing side actually, but I am feeling quite down lately. I can't even really put my finger on why. I am sure that tomorrow will be a much better day- back to my classroom I go- :)

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  1. I had to laugh when I read the first part of this post. Rian has been going around saying that exact thing. "Just keep swimming!" and "everybody swim down!" It made me laugh!


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