Thursday, August 19, 2010

Phew...Almost There

So after spending almost all week at the school all day I can honestly say that I have almost completed my Masters Program Portfolio. being the slacker that I am, and having put it off since last September, I decided that it was by far time to get my butt in gear on those. I was able to complete all 5 assignments over the past 4 days. I must say, it would have been much nicer to complete those when I had completed the project, NOT all at once. Oh well, that is in the past, and BOY am I glad about that!

It has also been nice to visit with all the teachers again. I enjoy just sitting and chatting. It is nice to have a group that you can do that with! :)

Tomorrow is go in and complete all the last minute details (like hope you will FINALLY have the FINAL list, but know that you won't- GRRRRR!) to ensure that everything will be as smooth as possible on Tuesday (First day of school). Right now I have 20 students. That is three more than I had planned for, but I am excited to have them all! We are going to have a year of adventure! YEA!

Well, I am heading over to a friend house for the evening with the kids. Our wives are at Ladies Night (aka BUNKO). I am looking forward to visiting with my friend. I don't see him much any more!


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  1. I have been meaning to tell you that I like your blog's new look. It's nice. I can't believe that it is already time for school to start. Is it bad that I am kinda jealouse that I am not starting up school again this fall? Life is too crazy, but I just want to be finished. [sigh] Maybe one day.


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