Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was so bummed to find out they had returned. It was a humid summer afternoon and the wind was struggling to be noticed. The squash leaves rustled here and there and I knew that it was about to be a showdown. I got my trusty hands ready and started in with both of them. The squash bugs put up a great fight, but they were no match for lightning quick hands. I squished and smashed them until they were nothing but a pile of goo! Then, for extra insurance, I made a trip to the shed for the magic powder. With a healthy dose of powder, I knew they were as good as gone.

Little did I know that there were eggs hiding on the leaves. However, using my amazing detective skills today, I was able to wipe out 3 large nests of eggs. Little buggers- I WILL PREVAIL!!!

Ok, now back to non-wanna-be-writer mode-

It has been a crazy weekend. We had a family reunion (you can go HERE to read all about it on my wife's blog) and I was SO glad to be back at home sleeping on my king size bed and not on a half inflated air mattress in the cabin basement (although the basement was a much better place than in a tent- THANKS patsy for letting us stay inside!). I also did NOT enjoy the traveling to and from as I have two boys that get SERIOUS motion sickness. That was fun to clean up- multiple times! NOT! I think my favorite part was riding the 4-Wheelers. It was just so peaceful to ride around and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. I think I could do that all day everyday for the rest of my life. Anyways, it was good and it was good to come home.

I have since spent the last couple of days in my classroom planing out the first few days of school and making sure I have all the copies, etc. that I need. Since my masters classes start the same day as school, I need to have pretty much the first week ready to go so I am not stressing out about class and prepping for the next day.

Tonight was fun. I was watering the lawn and the kids asked if they could run through the sprinklers. I let them. My wife got some great pictures. I know she will blog about them later (I will just steal them from her blog then...lol). Well, I have had about all I can take of computers right now. So I am going to sign off...


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  1. Hey you had an air compresser down there in the basement.. why didn't you just blow it up??? Glad you enjoyed the 4 wheelers, I knew you were loving it!! When you get rich buy one and come up and ride any time!! ;)


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