Sunday, October 24, 2010

Being Sick Stinks!

Well, let me tell you. After surviving a 103 degree fever last night (it broke in the middle of the night about 2am. I woke up covered it sweat and ready to NOT be covered in a million blankets). It was a long night aside from that. My wife has had this horrendous cough that will NOT go away. She said that it doesn't hurt- her throat or chest- but it sounds like it does. I am hoping she will get it checked out soon if it doesn't go away. However, she will have to make that choice!

I have felt decent today. A little light headed, but basically good. I have an appetite and can get around without falling down- so I count it a victory. :)

I guess I best get back to my pretend reading and paper writing for my Master's Classes (I ordered a book today from Scholastic that I hope to read for my Praxis about how to be a good principal. Maybe it will give me good suggestions to use on the essay part of the test- lol. The minute I know I passed that test will be one of the most stress-free days of my life! (and if you know me, you know I don't have many of those!))

Wish me luck...


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  1. Sorry your sick. We've been sick too, but haven't had the fevers as bad. Doesn't sound like fun. Hope you feel better soon.


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