Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Great! (and busy!)

Hello All,

It has been over a week since my last post. I can't believe that time slips away so quickly. I have had a successful week to say the least. School has gone well. It was a bizarre week as well. Wednesday I headed with my class over to the public library (we go every other week- the ladies there are so wonderful with my class). It was supposed to be stormy, but the sun was out and it looked like a great day to go to the library. Two weeks ago we had the same experience- sunny when we left. However, two weeks ago, while we were in the middle of our story time, a storm hit- and I mean a storm HIT! We had to stay at the library until the bus could come and pick us up at 3:00. So, I was a little nervous to take my class, but I figured that we would have time to make it back as the storm wasn't supposed to hit until later in the day. Alas, story time at the library has led to issues- lol.
Just as Mrs. Dalton finished her story, a phone call came to the school that we had 10 minutes to be back OR we needed to stay at the library. A Code Red had been issued for our community that included golf-ball size hail. Well, books flew, cookies were hastily handed out and we were off. I didn't want to be trapped at the library with my class- besides, we had rockets to work on. We made it back to the school with about 5 minutes to spare. I was actually not worried at all. When the storm hit, it did hit! We ended up calling parents to come and get their students. So the end of that day turned out to be a zoo! Always an adventure.

When I arrived at school on Thursday I noticed that something wasn't right. Only half the lights were working and some of the emergency lights were on. Come to find out only half the power worked at the school. Neat. It turned out to be another bizarre day. We were asked to use as little power as possible. So I would alternate which bank of lights I had on during the day (I was lucky, both banks of my lights worked- most classrooms had only one- or none!). It was interesting to see how to work without my SMART Board. I had to write on the board. That totally freaked out my class. I have had to do that before. I think I handled it well and in reality, the students were really good about it.

Today (Monday the 11th) was a great day. The school went out to a pumpkin patch and the students all got to choose a pumpkin. There were some HUGE ones (I bet they were 40-50 pounds easy!). My students got some great pumpkins. I am excited because I love doing Pumpkin Math with my kids (a mini-unit in math that works with measurement and estimation). Then I have the kids decorate them and we do a contest with the best decorated pumpkin.

After school I took my family out and we got a couple HUGE pumpkins for our front yard (we also got some gourds, mini-pumpkins, and a few sugar pumpkins. Our front yard looks like a pumpkin explosion! lol.

We had family night (My Z-man taught the lesson on loving one another) and then we went and had a visit with grandma and grandpa. We also took grandma a HUGE pumpkin. She was excited. I am thinking grandpa won't be excited to lift and carry it- sorry grandpa! :)

Well, it is snuggle time with my kids. They head to bed soon and I want to enjoy them! NO CLASS TOMORROW! FALL BREAK! WAHOOOOOOOOOO! (I do have some homework to finish up, but I am mostly done with all of it! So I should get a good break- I hope!)

Bountiful Baskets is up for ordering again (until tomorrow at 11pm)! They changed the drop off time to 5am- BLAH! But pick-up is now at 7am- which should work out much better.


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