Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now THAT is some WIND!

Holy Moley!

Talk about a wind storm. The wind picked up this afternoon and still hasn't let up. In fact, as I was heading to my master's classes tonight, I was getting in my car and glanced up at the roof and noticed that a bunch of our shingles had blown back on the roof. I got up and fixed the mess, but noticed that several of the shingles had been damaged. I need to get up there tomorrow after school and do some gluing and and nailing. We will see how that goes ove since I am so handy and all.

This week has been a off week. My class has been acting a little wild, and the weather changing is making it even more challenging. But all will be well. Tomorrow should be a great day (other than having to be at a meeting at 7:15am). But, I do get to take my class to the public library. I love going there, the ladies are so welcoming and friendly with the students. It is wonderful.

Well, it is getting late and I am tired. I guess I better head to bed. Good night out there in cyberland!


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