Saturday, December 18, 2010

And The Verdict Is...

Not me! lol

I have had a crazy day to say the least. What with my interview today, parent meeting after school, and parent math night tonight is has been a roller-coaster.

My interview went really well. I really enjoyed the experience of having to think on the spot. I feel that I have really come a long ways in being able to communicate in a coherent and effective way in interviews.

After my interview I had to spend a great deal of time working with my class and wondering what the outcome would be. It wasn't until afternoon recess that I actually found out. The elementary supervisor came to my room and asked me to visit in the office with him. I could tell from the way he wouldn't look at me that I was not the selected candidate. He said many nice things to me, that I guess made sense, but in all reality, I wished he would have just stopped talking so I could get back to my classroom and be with my students. I mean I GET IT!!! I DIDN'T GET THE JOB!!! Talking more doesn't make it hurt less. lol

After getting over the initial feeling of complete rejection, I was able to move on with life. I don't hold any hard feelings about the decision. Ms. Durrant is going to do an excellent job. I don't feel angry, I don't feel depressed. I feel at peace. I think this was meant to be. In fact, I think that I learned from all of this that I was simply meant to be an educator NOT administrator. I am okay with that. The money would have been nice, but the stress and drama wouldn't have been helpful. So I can honestly say, Thank You Emery County for helping me realize that I don't want to be a principal. I am excited to finish my degree and then resume a life that doesn't consist of college classes, workshops, and/or meetings every 5 minutes.

Well, I guess since it took two days to write this post, I best get it posted and move on to something else. Ms. D just left after coming for the afternoon to study for our praxis test. The kids love to have her visit and my wife and I are glad to have a true friend here in town.

This test will be over someday and then I can take a deep breath and move on!



  1. Mom said that you were up for the job. I think that you would have done a great job. Keep up the good work that you already do with your kids! carrie

  2. I think you are wise beyond your ears. I think you would be an excellent administrator but your strengths are in the class room. Megan loved you as a teacher and Crosby loved when you let her help in your class. Thanks so much for lending me the Judy Blume book, if you have any other suggestions send them my way, I'm always looking for a good read. Was that a run on sentence. Thanks John, you and your family are such an asset to our community, ward and schools.
    Thanks again, Toni Hatt

  3. Well, now you are not stuck there and you can move back by us!!! How is that for selfish??? They don't know what a good thing they are missing. We love you and know that you are awesome at EVERYTHING you do! Will there be other opportunities there soon? They are opening plenty of schools around here you know. :) Send our love to Allisha and the kids!

  4. John... I didn't say it before..but even though the money is better for you...the kids in your class are the ones that would have truly been the losers. You are such a great teacher that the kids are now the winners. Love you John,
    Aunt Patsy

  5. I totally understand how you feel about the being passed over. Better things will be in the future…I learned that when I didn't get a job at one school after graduation. I'm so glad that I didn't end up working there now.

    Like you, I don't think I could stomach being a principal. I love being with my students far too much to be trapped in meetings all day.

    BTW, Joan recommended your blog...

  6. I am glad you have found my blog. Thanks for the kinds words. I hope you will return often.


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