Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a Wonderful Day (and a surprise situation)

I have to say that today was an exceptional day. I decided when my school meeting was cancelled last week, that I would take the day off anyways. A guest teacher was already arranged for my class, and I had a pile of things that needed to be done. I LOVED IT! I haven't taken a personal day since I worked in Alpine over 5 years ago. I just gave them up each year (2 days). I never take them because 1) I don't like missing school. I have so much to cover and don't like missing a day. 2) Writing lesson plans is just NOT fun! I HATE it so much. I like to make sure that my guest teacher has lots of direction and support since I do a lot of routines in my classroom.

I am glad that I got a good report on the class. My sister-in-law was my guest teacher today! She did a great job. (Thanks for being a brave toaster and subbing for me!). I went in this evening and graded papers and planned out tomorrow. I have faculty meeting in the morning so I won't have any before school time.

I guess this is were I get to tell the world that our school is currently looking for a 1/2 day administrator and that I have accepted the opportunity to interview for the position. My interview is on Thursday. Ms. D is also interviewing. I can't believe that this is happening. If I get the job, I will start on January 3rd! That is the day we return from Christmas break. It will be one wild ride if I do get the job. What with classes beginning the second week of January, the Praxis test is the second week of January, working with a new teacher in my classroom, and still planning out and teaching a 1/2 day, not to mention learn how to run a school, and work to ensure a smooth transition.

It will be exciting and crazy! Either way, life will change at the elementary school, and it will be in a good and positive way. Our town has needed two leaders for a while. One leader can not keep up with all the paperwork and other issues that go with that. Mr. Johnson did an awesome job for us at the elementary and he will be greatly missed there. He really worked to make us a better school.

Today was a success however as I was able to spend quality time with my two youngest boys. What cuties they are. Not only that, but my wife and I were able to get all our kids gifts wrapped! YEA! It only took 2 hours, but hey, it is done! There wasn't much for each person, just a lot of "persons".

I was also able to take the practice writing portion of my praxis test. Writing 7 essays in 100 minutes is quite the feat to say the least. But I finished with 10 minutes left to review and edit my responses. 10 minutes extra wasn't much, so that makes me a little nervous for the actual test- (well that and writing so that my writing is legible!).

I was also able to take the family and visit my parents this evening. We helped my dad tarp his boat and go over my writing test so we could discuss what we thought each of my answers my have scored based on the samples and rubrics in the study guide. I think I did fair, but not stellar. Again, something else to worry about!

My son spent the evening at the high school with my brother's family watching the girl's play San Juan in basketball tonight (I think it was San Juan). My son said that they won the varsity games! Yea. He also made 3 out of the four shots he paid for at half-time and brought home three 2-liter bottles of soda. What a crazy kid.

Well, I need to focus on my interview questions and sketch them out. So I am going to leave you here pondering on all the many adventures I had today.

Oh, one last thing. Our school finds out if we qualified to get our $50,000 grant tomorrow. I sure hope we do. That would be SO COOL to share with the community (the news, not the money- lol).

Oh, and our family qualified for heating assistance- YEA! That will be a huge help for our utility bills.

Ok, goodbye for real now...



  1. Cool beans - good luck with the interview, hope the school got the grant and cool about the family stuff. I'd love to have a grant like for my books - lol. Just to keep me above water and not so much in debt every paycheck. I need my books to support me instead of me supporting my books but I know it will take time. If you are good at writing grant proposals, maybe you could find one for my books - lol. Anyway - sounds like the day off was worth it. - good luck with everything - E :)

    PS - if you get the half day gig - does that mean I won't be visiting class much? - I hope not because I so enjoy those visits; but if so, guess I need to find some paying virtual visits to make up for not being with you any more - just keep me posted -

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?


  2. John.. I love how you call your substitutes Guest teachers. The guest teachers probably like it too. I also totally understand why you don't like to be gone. I think all teachers feel the same about making sub plans. I think we all HATE it. Good luck with the administration job.

  3. I feel the same way about taking a day off…in my first 10 years as a teacher I had one sick day and only took time when my mom got really sick.

    You sound like a great teacher...


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