Monday, January 24, 2011

It Really Is A Small World

This past weekend flew by and with it all the plans I had to blog and catch up (not to mention school work, etc.) but that didn't happen either. Friday after school (which I need to blog about as well- 6th grade did Fancy Day with 1st grade. It was really fun to be all dressed up and have a fancy lunch together with our reading buddies). Anyways, Friday after school our little family went to Price for our babies 18 month check up. It was an okay trip and everything is great with our little one.

Today was an okay day at school. The kids were better than usual. My focus for today was RESPECT. I defined it more my class as "Kind, Helpful, and Participating". I reemphasized it through out the day as well. I think that it is starting to get through to many of the students. I do have a couple that seem resistant to everything that I do and try. I want somedays to look at them and tell them what little snots they are being. But, come on, they are just 11-12 year-olds. My goal this week is to really focus on not giving negative attention and to those seeking it.

Tonight was wonderful. I had the chance to actually talk to a new friend found from blogging. What a small world we live in. What a great 60 minutes of conversation we had as well. I really enjoyed hearing about new ideas and suggestions that have worked for this educator that I hadn't thought of or tried before. I hope to work to incorporate many of those ideas- or take them and make them my own soon. How awesome it is though that I can have a "team" to collaborate with that is outside of my school. Thanks my new friend, for your time, concern, and support. I hope that I can return that to you as well when you need it!

I have more to share, but not the time to do it. Hopefully soon-


P.S. Only three more weeks until I get my results back. Keep your fingers, toes, and everything else that crosses- CROSSED!


  1. Here's wishing you good luck with your test results. All the hairs on my head are crossed for you...

  2. Fingers crossed for you, too! One of these days on a trip northward for you or southward for me, we're going to take tours of classrooms, sir!


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