Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Again, Home Again...Baby Here We Go

We Are Home. What an adventure it has been. After our little Lindey was born on Monday, we had to stay for three more days. So, I made a quick trip home on Tuesday to get more clothes, a shower, and attend my very last ever Master's class (HALLELUJAH), and most importantly, to see my children. It was nice to snuggle with my two youngest boys. It was heartbreaking to have to leave the littlest one screaming in his bed as I headed back to Price.
I sort of lost track of everything in the hospital. I think there is a built in time warp there of something! I felt a little dazed as we headed out the doors (after leaving my $600 co-pay check in the registrars office). We headed home and were excited to arrive and see ALL of our children together. What a great time that was. It was actually quite humorous as our littlest boy wanted nothing to do with us, he only wanted to hold the baby and got pretty upset if anyone else tried to hold her. In fact, at one point he tried to pick her up and carry her away. We will have to be on guard for that!

After we got home I headed to the school to check on my room and see if my administrator was by some miracle still there. She was and unfortunately I sat and listened as the atrocities that had occurred in my absence unfolded. Then, my guest teacher called me and asked to talk to me. She joined in the conversation and I got the whole low-down. Let's just say that Friday, my first day back, was not the happy time I had expected to spend with my class. Rather it was a time of individual and group "chats"/lectures. It was very disappointing to have my class act that way, and I felt like a failure as a teacher knowing that no one wants to be a guest teacher in my classroom anymore.

Today, was Bountiful Baskets. It was nice. I missed my wife being there with all the amazing knowledge of what is supposed to happen (and calling her many times to get answers only proves my point), but we had lots of volunteers to help and everything went very smoothly. A big thanks to the Robertson family for stepping up the really help out with being the co-coordinator with me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

As for the rest of this wonderful day? Well, I have a walked to the ACE Hardware, park, and post office slated with my kids (that will give mom a chance to feed the baby and sleep- hopefully). From there we hope to finish Harry Potter 7 part A (lol) and I guess just be lazy.

I am excited to be reviewing an educational tool here in the next day or so (or maybe tonight). A FREE on-line resource that ALL families will love and use OVER AND OVER AND OVER! So, check back for that soon!


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  1. That’s too funny—one of your boys taking off with the newborn! Yeah, you’d better keep an eye on him. Happy to hear you arrived back home, with wife and child. Now comes the difficult part of synchronizing family life with your new addition. Given a little time, it’ll all be just fine. My wife is away on business until late next week, so I’m playing a single parent for the next few days or so.

    Sorry to hear about your class not living up to your expectations. Children will be children, whether you’re there or not. It’ll eventually smooth over—again, with time.


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