Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break (and Other Things)

I knew when I woke up Thursday morning that it was going to be a glorious day. Not because the weather was nice, not because I was almost finished with my college classes (including papers and projects), but totally, 100%, most certainly because it was going to be Spring Break starting at 3:05pm.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do enjoy teaching, I LOVE working with kids, and I enjoy seeing my colleagues- but nothing...and I mean NOTHING beats being at home with my family. Yes my kids can make me annoyed (who doesn't make someone else annoyed) but I love being with them. My littlest son is at a fun age. He follows me around and copies me, ask questions in his own point and mumble way, or simply smiles at me and runs at me hoping I will pick him up (and I do!).

I will skip boring you with all the details of what we have accomplished this break but I know that the lawn loves me more, the kids tetherball pole is standing proud and ready to use, and the enemy known as "the weeds" have been vanquished. All in all is have been a glorious break. I even mowed my parents lawn (with help from my 10 yr old) and after my parents gave me my new trimmer for Father's Day (I know, a little early but really needed) I even trimmed out their yard and then promptly came home and did my own. It has needed it for over a year- the lawn mower just doesn't do a great job of trimming the edges of the lawn. Believe me, I have tried everything short of flipping the mower on its back to cut those few stubborn blades of grass that elude me each mowing.

I can say that we have also visited the local ACE Hardware multiple times this break. Thankfully it was for little projects that I have wanted to do for a long time (fix the back gate, etc.). I need a few more items (little things like "roof repair" tar since the wind decided to remove a few of my shingles for me) and a couple of "L" brackets for the glass front cupboard door my daughter generously removed our cabinets for me.

Last night was nice. We cruised up to my parents house around 9pm and sat on their deck under their new (and wonderfully fun) deck heater. I was quite surprised that it put off as much heat as it did. The kids all ate grandma out of house and home and then snuggled down and three of them fell asleep. I must say that sitting there like a pop-tart in the toaster made it hard to stay awake. We made it home and to the couch before I fell asleep again for about 2 more hours. We woke up just in time to hear the Easter Bunny heading out the front door and then went to bed (for real in our real bed).

Today was a day full of meetings and "stuff". We did go on a nice walk around the town (not that that is hard in a town our We made it home and the kids were just getting out their bikes and scooters to ride for a minute when the rain started. I guess on the upside, we were home and not out walking.

We are going to be heading out here in a few minutes to go on our weekly "ride with grandma and grandpa" so I should probably end this here. I think that it could be a while before I am back again as well. Tuesday is my final class and Ms. D and I have our presentation and then we are 100% done with the program, we just have to wait for the grades.

Wednesday is the pinewood derby race. It should be interesting to say the least. My son actually went for a "real" car this year. it actually looks like a 1950's police car. He really needs to finish that as well (I guess I need to help him).

Thursday should be an exciting day...we are heading to the hospital to have our 6th and (it better be) final child. We are excited and nervous all rolled into one. From there life will take us where it may- and hopefully May will be good!


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