Friday, July 15, 2011

To The Doctor We Go.... Again...

Oh what fun making trips to Provo is...

Well, I guess we DO get to see lots of our friends and that really IS fun. But driving up every other week for some doctor appointment isn't what I would call "fun". After all, my two youngest sons spend the whole trip trying not to barf and the oldest three is back are fighting and bickering and hitting each other. Ah, the joys of six children. What were we thinking???? (and I agree with you sitting there at your computer saying, "And he wouldn't have it any other way!" I wouldn't. But this stage in the game is a bit much for me).

We decided to make the trip up and back in one day. We were tired of packing for multiple days, and despite what everyone says, our family wears quickly on people and we still wanted to have friends when this experience is all over with.

We were up and going yesterday morning by 6:30am and we STILL didn't get out the door until after 8:15. I was highly annoyed because we had a lot to do before we ever made it to the doctor. With traffic and having to stop in Price for an unexpected potty stop (dang kids), we made it to my cousins house in Pleasant Grove about 15 minutes before we had to be leaving to go to the dr. appointment. I thought that was a bit embarrassing- "Hey we are here, now here is our kids and we will be back sometime this afternoon..." They were super good sports about it and very mellow. I was grateful that they were willing to keep the boys. (Thanks Phil and Melissa- you two were lifesavers).

This dr. appointment was in Orem in the Physicians Plaza next to Timpanogos Regional Medical Center. It was pretty easy to find. The purpose of this particular visit was to learn more about how my wife's hysterectomy would affect her and to ensure that she was healing properly. I won't share much of what was discussed as it is personal in nature, but we did learn that she will be on estrogen for the rest of her life. We asked why she needed it if she wasn't showing any menopausal symptoms. He gave lots of really good reasons. So... she has a sample to try which is a gel she just rubs on her arm every day. Pretty low key and easy. We will see how well it works and then go from there. It was a good visit and I think my wife left feeling much better about things.

After the appointment, we headed back to my cousin's house. We had called to see if the boys had killed off my cousin yet and offered to take him and his family to lunch. He just laughed and I said that I would talk to him about it when we got back to his house. Just as we were getting their house he called and said that everyone had eaten and that we were to turn around and go and eat. We argued, but he was certain they would be okay.

Our apartment we had when we lived in Pleasant Grove was just down the street from there so we did a drive by. it still looks the same. It is where we lived with my oldest son when he was just 2 years old. Crazy stuff. We took a picture of it, but I don't feel like uploading it. Takes forever to upload pictures to Blogger anymore, hence the reason I don't do many of them... lol.

Because we were in PG and would be driving by their house, my wife and I decided to do a quick visit to the Perry household (Kelly Perry is the one who came to the hospital to do my wife's nails and visit). They hopped in the van and we went to a fairly quick lunch considering we had my two-year old who took FOREVER to eat. We dropped the Perry's off and raced back to my cousin's house. Unfortunately, just as we arrived back, my cousin's wife had to leave to take some kids swimming. Well, unfortunate for us because we wanted to visit and fortunate for her because she got to escape my children. They were truly on one. Fighting, hitting, jumping off the furniture. It was mortifying. My cousin was totally cool about it, but I was ready to head out ASAP simply because I felt like we were unpleasant to be around.

After we left my cousin's house we headed to Sam's Club to pick up my new glasses. I was excited that they had come in. I mean, I ordered them on Monday after all. Here is a side view. The side bars are way chunky compared to what I would normally wear. Below is a front view (excuse the ugly mug wearing them... lol. Just look at the glasses). I like them, which is good, because I will be wearing these for about 2 year or more before I replace them if I stay on my current plan. However, my wife and I have discussed looking into vision insurance with all the kids we have. Probably a good idea. We will have to see what our money situation will be once everything has settled. I need to ask the district what options I have (if any) through them as well.

After we picked up my glasses and gassed up at the Sam's gas station (talk about cheap fuel- wow!) we headed to Springville to pay a visit to the Mannings. Shockingly they opened their door when we knocked. We wondered if they would close all the blinds and pretend to be gone... lol. we went in and visited for about an hour before deciding to head to Denny's for dinner. I won't even go into detail over that. The kids were decent and it was nice to simply visit with our friends. We headed out from Denny's. My oldest daughter had decided to stay in town so she could hang out with a friend and go swimming. She had spent the night before we left at her friends house and then ALL day. Stacy assured me it was okay but we still wanted to get home.

We made it home around 10:30pm and picked up my daughter and headed to our house (just around the corner). We found all was well and it didn't take long to get everyone in the house, in their PJ's, and sleeping- including me...

Today (Friday) has found me busy, busy, busy. I wasn't up and going very early, but once up I have cleaned both bathroom, swept and mopped the kitchen, watered the garden, took the kids to lunch at the school, got the baby fed, changed and down for a nap, and vacuumed. I still need to mow and water the front lawn, but I will have to wait until my wife returns from her trip to Grand Junction with her friends. They went for a "girl's day". I am glad she went. She needed to escape this jungle. Well, I best go and check on the garden- I am sure that by now I have created the next great flood. Noah might come sailing by any minute.

Oh, one last thought. We got a second bill from Dr. Brady in Price. I tried to call, but his billing assistant is out of the office until Monday. I am waiting to inform them that because of the surgery HE HELPED WITH my wife spent 24 days in the ICU and 3 more days in the regular ward. We have made several trips back to Provo for various appointments, including another ER visit. That I am currently in the midst of paying off major medical bills and deciding on legal action against those involved. So, when I get everything else paid off and have made final decision about legal action I will get around to paying their bill. I can't wait to hear what he/ his billing lady says to that. I will let you know.


P.S. The whole medical saga will end on Monday with the benefit dinner that is being held for our family Thanks to everyone who has donated, contributed, or helped in any way. We are truly grateful and humbled). After that, I will no longer be tagging these posts in the series. We are ready to move on. It will be months before my wife is back to full strength and ability, but the time has come to focus my posting on other things- so yeah for us all. No more depressing posts about medical stuff, just about


  1. Man, if I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake...sorry about the whole medical fiasco thing though.

    What a pain in the butt.

  2. I'm so glad that things are turning a corner and that Allisha is firmly on the road to recovery. Hopefully there will be no more detours to the forest path! :-)

  3. T- Cake? Man, I SO would have been there (only if it was an ice cream cake). Now you tell me...

    M- AMEN about the road and we will NOT be revisiting the forest path anytime least I hope not!

  4. I didn't see any ugly mugs behind the glasses. :) Love you sweetheart. Sorry to cause you so much stress. Hopefully I'll be able to help you out a bit more soon.


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