Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, the new year has officially begun and this educator had one fabulous day. I was very pleased with how amazing my class behaved and how much fun we had (at least I did, and I think most of the students did too). We were able to get so much done today and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

On a tragic note, we went to unload our camera last night (that we hadn't unloaded for almost a month) only to find that the data was corrupt. We lost all our vacation pictures, my oldest son's birthday party, and lots of fun pictures of the kids. I was SO angry last night. Frustrated. Annoyed. Helpless. I hate feeling that way. It affected my sleep and so I have been exhausted today. So, if anyone out there has pictures of our family from Mid-July to today, PLEASE send them. We lost the reunion at Bacon Park as well. It is very disappointing to us. Please share any pictures you have. My wife is devastated to have lost so many of her pictures. :(

My little family did well while half of us were at school. My wife played clean up the clothes and washing them. She is SO amazing. We are still waiting to hear from her internal medicine doctor on the results of her latest tests. We are hoping that the infection hasn't moved else where in her body- which is a concern this doctor has. She has a couple of appointments in September and then one in November and then we hope to have these slow down for a while. We got the final bill on her hospital stay. It will be expensive, but nothing like it could have been. I do plan to send a letter to a doctor I know sharing what he wanted to know- TOTAL out of pocket expenses. I then expect him to help out as he has promised MULTIPLE times, but never followed through on.
I figure he ought to help out on something.

Well, it is getting late and it is time for bed.



  1. Yay for awesome first days of school!

    I hope you are able to get some pictures of the "lost" days. That would devastate me too!

  2. I was always under the impression that first day of school was the most difficult, for both teacher and students. You appear to have handled it like a true professional. Your students probably feed off your good attitude, thus making the whole experience for everyone, pleasant.

    I’m looking forward to reading more...


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