Thursday, September 08, 2011

For The Love of Weekends...

I think it might be possible to say that I am in the midst of enjoying one of the best weekends I have experienced for a very long time.

I got a call from a really good friend on Thursday inquiring if we would be home over the weekend. Thankfully we were because it is always fun to have Mr. Z down for a visit.

He arrived around 7:30pm on Friday and the party began. We had a great dinner (we invited and another good friend from town to join us as well) and then we just hung out and visited. It was relaxing and very enjoyable.

Saturday is a special day, a day that we get ready awesome BBQ and projected movie on the back of the house. The morning was spent doing chores like watering the lawn (despite all the issues that we are experiencing with our ditch water connection) and garden. It was a nice to get everything taken care of early so we could just chill. It was also Bountiful Baskets Saturday. It was fun to have so many volunteers show up to help. I remain optimistic that our order numbers will increase. If they don't we run the risk of losing our inexpensive outlet for fruits and vegetables. And  heavens knows that can't afford to buy that much produce locally. So, be sure to tell all your friends to order on the next cycle.

After BB, we returned home and vegged. The kids played out side (as you can see in the picture above that Mr. Z took. He is a pretty amazing photographer. You can see more of his work HERE and even order some of his amazing prints as well.

The evening ended with a tasty BBQ (thanks for the meat, Ms. D) and a movie in the back of the house. It really was an enjoyable evening.

Sunday brought meetings all day and the departure of Mr. Z. We really enjoyed seeing him and basking in "his awesomeness"- as he would say.

Monday- my day off, was not a day off. I was at the school for most of the day getting lesson plans ready for Wednesday. I had a UPPAC meeting in Salt Lake. So I had to have Tue, Wed, AND Thurs ready- BLAH!

Well, I am ready to rest. Sorry for the lame ending to this posting, but I am exhausted.



  1. I'm glad you had a good, I mean great, weekend. You and your family deserve it. The next time I am out to see my family members in the SLC area, I'm getting in touch with you and Z....k? =)

  2. It was a good time. Thanks for sharing some of your family's fun with an unofficial "member"... lol... :)

    (And you're welcome... glad I could contribute to the grand fixin's of the BBQ.)

    By the way - your outdoor "theatre" is "da bomb" !

  3. Good old fashion weekends are hard to come by nowadays. And I'm sure th kids enjoyed it as well....


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