Thursday, March 29, 2012

Live Your Dreams (Make Sure You Have Some)

With tomorrow being the end of the month, I wanted to share this month's values focus. I got a few new posters this past month and was thrilled to have this be one of them. I talked with my students about the importance of having dreams and goals, and then for our activity, I created a dream "bubble" where the kids drew a picture of their dream. I posted some of my favorites below.

 This is the whole (almost- few didn't ever turn in the their I wonder if that is a sign for the future) class together.
 This is my son's. He wants to be a photographer (or, at least this month he does.) I lay the blame for this one squarely on my good friend Jason Zimmerman. Thanks Jason. No... I really mean it. Thanks.
 This student wants to be a doctor. I love the operating table with the person all cut open. Almost makes me pass out just looking at the picture. lol. My reason for selecting this one? This is one of my most challenging students. I was ecstatic to see a dream like this.
 Loved the thought that went into this one. This student wants to either be an artist or an architect. I explained that is some ways they are one in the same.
And what DREAM poster collection would be complete without the standard answer of ROCK STAR? lol.

It has been fun to learn about the featured stars on the Values posters. I always hope that it makes a difference in their lives. Time will tell.



  1. So fun! I really need to read the rest of these in your classroom!

    And I agree that your oldest mancub may just be following in the famous Mr. Z's footsteps... in fact his photographic subject has a certain resemblance to said mentor... :-) (Either that or his awesome teacher... )

  2. I have some of those posters too. I absolutely love what you did with this one and the result! =)

  3. Rock Star...too funny!

    I just want to win the lottery.


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