Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exploring Roads Less Traveled

I know that sounds like some amazing tag line that makes one think I have overcome some massive struggle in my life (I WISH!), but rather it is what our family really did tonight.

After playing basketball as a family for a while outback (which was nice to just play and laugh) we piled into the good old Isuzu Trooper and headed for where ever the car took us.

Our first stop was the freeway overpass. The kids love to run up and down the sides and since it is on a very less-traveled road, I was okay with it. We let them run for about 5 minutes. Then back in we went and headed out on to the road less traveled.

When the road ended, this is what we found:

It was such an amazing view. We wouldn't let the kids get out of the car because it was uber windy and there was a VERY steep cliff. This panorama shot is awesome, but it makes it hard to see everything. It was a nice moment to stand there looking at the beauty with my arms around my wife.... and then my son started honking the horn.

Reality Check.


Little stinker that he is.

We boarded our transportation and headed back home.

As we crossed the railroad tracks and neared our home, I HAD to stop and snap a picture of this:

The little triangle on the hill in the background is the Golden Ratio Monument. I love the shapes created by the branches. 

We settled in at home to enjoy and evening of being together. 

Thanks my little family, I love you so much.



  1. Love the panorama shot... Think I'm definitely going to have to follow that "less-traveled" road sometime soon....

    Cool shot of the sunset tree silhouette...

    Beautiful end to the day.

  2. See why I love Desert Rides? They are Amazing. And I love love LOVE the pictures. :)

  3. Gorgeous panoramic! When we drove through Utah a few years back, I decided it is the most breathtaking state I have driven through. Lucky you to live there everyday!

  4. Mr. H,

    You've given me a great idea. We have miles upon miles of sand here in Kuwait. Maybe I'll take Christopher out to the middle of nowhere and let him run wild--perhaps even ten minutes!

    He'll be so thrilled!!

  5. Diplo-
    YEAH! That sounds like a good time. Just be careful! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Thanks for sharing 'the panorama' location with me last was a nice jaunt away from the busy city life.



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