Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've Been Boo'd!

BOOOOO! It's Halloween time and apparently the goodie ghosts have discovered where my blog lives. :)

The amazing Mrs. S of The Peanut Gallery (a fabulously talented teacher and dear friend) drifted by leaving goodies all around. And when I say talented lady- I AM NOT KIDDING! YOU TOTALLY NEED TO CHECK OUT HER STORE! Anyways, I am going to play along tonight. So below are the details. 

You've probably all played the popular game BOO at school where you leave a ghost on someone's desk or mailbox along with a treat.  Let's do the same by sharing some love from our stores...

Here's how to play.  Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers, another that has about the SAME number of followers, and last, someone that has LESS followers.Highlight their blogs with links to encourage others to check them out.  Don't forget to let your fellow bloggers know that you shared about them.  Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

So here are the three blogs I would like to share with you:

1) Ms. Joanne of Kids Teaching and Learning - I found her blog through a forum post and she is an experienced teacher that has a lot to share! You can find her TpT shop HERE.

2) Dive into Learning is another blogger that I would like to share with you. Not only can you find amazing science and math lessons, but they are all reasonably priced. Check it out HERE.

and my final stop on the tour is:

3) Jen over at Teaching, Life, and Everything In Between. A great blogger and a master of creating math, writing, and management items- Jen's store is worth taking a peek at! Click HERE to check it out.

I hope that you have enjoyed the BOO'D session. :)

Happy Haunting-


  1. Thanks for "booing" me!

    ~Diving Into Learning

  2. This was such a great surprise this morning!! Thank you so much :)



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