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Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight- Primary Paradise

Happy Fall my Dear Share the Wealth Friends! I hope that last week has found you happy and healthy. I am sitting here trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Thanksgiving is less than TWO WEEKS away! How did that happen? Didn't we just have Halloween? Didn't school just start? Apparently my weeks are running away from me.

This is such a great time of year. There is so much to be thankful for: good friends, beautiful views, all the blessings that we have received over the past year, and more. I hope that each of you will take a minute and express your gratitude to those around you.

And speaking of gratitude, I am thankful that I have the chance to share another amazing teacher-author with all of you! This week, I would like to introduce, Martha from New Jersey. She has a great shop called Primary Paradise

In order for you to get to know all about Primary Paradise, I want to share what Martha has to say about herself: "I am a third year teacher, and I have spent all of my teaching experience, including student teaching, in First Grade. It is truly where my heart is. I absolutely love how much students grow as readers and mathematicians in first. I love to create a variety of fun teaching resources, and I have recently started creating my own clip art. I believe learning should be hands on and musical whenever possible. I live with my husband, Chris, and our two cute guinea pigs, Bamboo and Peanut."

I was very amazed that Primary Paradise even creates her own clip art. How stinkin' cool is that? As someone who tried ONCE to make clip art, I can tell you that that alone is amazing! But, if you take a peek in this store, you will find yourself scrolling and scrolling and clicking and scrolling. I seriously spent over 20 minutes just looking, clicking, previewing, and scrolling some more. With almost 200 products to choose from, there really is something for just about everyone and every classroom in the elementary level.

In fact, I want to share 10 amazing items from Primary Paradise that are worth your time. Many are FREE! WAHOO! And, YES, a couple of them come with a price tag, however, unlike big company books, you know that these resources are classroom tested and teacher approved:

Teacher-Author Spotlight Resources Participants
1. Lesson Thirteen: My Alien from 15 Writing Lessons for Primary Grades
2. Ready to Use Reminder Bracelets
3. Roll Out a Story: A Dice and Writing Center
4. FREEBIE Tremendous Transportation Clip Art
5. Primary Writing Paper (Landscape and Portrait)
6. Counting Coins- Hair Method
7. Brain Sprinkles and Shhhh Spray Labels
8. Pesky Patterns-Monster Pattern Activities
9. All About Winter Snowman Glyph Activity
10. 15 Writing Lessons for Primary Grades

As you can see, there is tons of items to choose from! AND, I think it is important to point out that Primary Paradise's 4.0/4.0 record say something as well. This is after 500+ people have left feedback about her items. And, speaking of feedback, here is a sampling of what real-teachers have said about her products:

Colleen Davis



Parts of a Book Posters
Parts of a Book- Diagram
(These posters are AWESOME! These make great anchor charts for your classroom to help students remember the vocabulary. HUGE PLUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!)

Story Element Posters
Main Character
Problem Solution
Connection (general)
Text-To-Self Connection
Text-To-Text Connection
Text-To-World Connection
Cause and Effect
Author's Purpose
(WOW! I can not believe how extensive this kit is. Not only would these double as reading anchor charts, but these would be perfect for my writing workshop and I teach 6th grade. I am excited to use these in the future! I love the thought and succinct wording- no fluff- just the important "stuff".)

I am still in awe of this kit. The price for this kit is more than worth it. After all, it has a 4.0/4.0 rating and 55 teachers have rated this product, and I am guessing there are many, many more who have not left feedback.

Primary Paradise is waiting for your visit. I hope you will also click on over to her Pinterest page AND her Facebook page. Remember to click on "Like" or "Follow" to stay in the "know" of Primary Paradise.


  1. Love your Story Elements bundle! So comprehensive and perfect for K-2 kiddos! Great teacher spotlight!!


  2. Martha is not only a great teacher but also a great person! Her store is amazing! Thanks for the feature about her. :)

  3. Liz and Peanut Gallery-
    Thanks for your comments. I agree that Martha has amazing items and that her Story Elements Bundle is AMAZING! (even for upper grades)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love reading these John! Thanks so much for finding yet another great teacher to spotlight - I'm heading over to her TpT store now! (Not sure I have 20 minutes of battery left on my laptop though!)

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  5. Alison-
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    Have a fantastic day.
    -MrHughes :0)


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