Friday, December 07, 2012

Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight- Top Notch Teaching

A great big HOWDY to all my Share the Wealth Friends!

Are you like me? Freaking out that Christmas break starts in a week and a half? Where is my December going? AHHHHHHHH! There, I feel better. It's crazy how much I feel I still need to do with my kiddos at school before the break, and how much I am realizing that it just isn't going to happen! Sigh... ah well.

I love this season so much. The spirit of giving and goodwill towards others. That is why I am so happy to have the chance to share another amazing teacher-author with you. Let's get started!

Today I want to introduce you to Melinda Crean, the owner and creative mind behind Top Notch Teaching. This amazing lady is from Australia, and this teacher is glad for technology that allows us to share and collaborate across large distances!

Here is what Melinda shared with me:
"Hi, my name is Melinda and I have been a teacher in Western Australia for 9 years.  My first teaching post was in Port Hedland, wow what an eye-opener.  If you don’t know where this is, it’s about 1650km north of Perth in Western Australia. It’s a mining town on the coast with not much else around (although excellent fishing!).  I learnt how hard and rewarding teaching could be in that first year.

I have had many varied teaching roles so far, including: being a music/drama specialist, literacy specialist, art specialist and year 5, 6 & 7 teacher. My current role is being a Mum to a very cheeky Little Miss Two, probably the toughest role yet!"

I came across Teachers pay Teachers earlier this year and thought ‘what a fantastic idea.’  I love creating teaching resources that are original, practical and that will save you time.  I’m looking forward to providing many more practical and time saving resources for teachers in the coming year."

With the varied teaching and learning experience from this teacher, it is easy to see WHY she can create such fun and engaging activities. As she noted, she is just starting out, so though her shop doesn't have hundreds of ideas YET, she does have many wonderful resources for your looking pleasure. In fact, here are 8 amazing products that I think you will enjoy looking at.

As you can clearly see, these are some great resources. AND, Top Notch Teaching's 4.0/4.0 rating speaks for itself. 

But, I did want to share some of the feedback that Top Notch Teaching has received in the short time she has been sharing her resources:



  1. Another great spotlight! I really enjoy reading these and learning more about all the talent out there. Wow!

  2. Thanks for swinging by! :)
    Have a fantastic day.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring such wonderful teacher/authors, John! It's so nice to see other teacher friends from around the globe!

  4. Thanks for visiting and for the kind words. Melinda is a pretty amazing lady, that's for sure!


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