Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let the Frenzy Begin!

When I was asked if I wanted to be included in an amazing offer from Educents, the answer was with out hesitation, YES! Not only would it allow me to give back to my amazing supporters (that's YOU), but it is exciting to see my resources helping so many students, parents, and teachers. WAHOO!

My offering is two of my Order Up! bundles. Never heard of Order Up! ? I can fix THAT!
Order Up! is an engaging and hands on way for students to review concepts in math, science, social studies, and language arts. I currently have three lines: Order Up!, Order Up! Jr., and Order Up! Let's Learn About...

It is a simple to learn game, that will stretch your students thinking! AND, it is self checking, making it even more exciting for the busy teacher or parent.

Here are some pictures of my son showing you how the activities work:
(This is my Area Problems Set)

Students are given an optional Order Up! work mat and a sheet of Order Up! strips that they cut apart.

Students place the "Start" strip on the bottom of the mat, and read the first problem.

Once students have the answer, they find it on one of the strips and place it ABOVE the first strip.

Students continue to read and answer questions on the strips

Students know that they are done when they reach the "You Finished" strip. Some sets ask students to respond to questions in their journal as their final problem.

 As you can see, these are hands-on and challenging! My students LOVE Order Up! sets, and look forward to using them frequently. And, with 40+ sets available (and many, many more on the way) you are sure to find something that matches what you are teaching!

Now, the great news! You can get 20, yes 20- TWENTY sets of Order Up! for only $15. I don't plan to EVER sell them at this big of discount again. This is HUGE!

Still not sure? Take THIS SET of order for a test drive. Just click on the picture to download your FREE set. Check it out, look over the format, and I am confident you will be back for this amazing deal. :)

Okay, ready to check out this great deal??? Click on the picture below.

Thanks for stopping by. If this deal isn't for you, check out the OTHER 14 deals that are part of the 15 Dollar Frenzy! Click HERE to see ALL the deals. WAHOO!

Mr. Hughes


  1. Woo Hoo! You made the newsletter Mr Hughes! Yay!

    Well done!


    1. Thank you! :) It is always a pleasure to be noticed and I appreciate your kind words and support. ROCK ON! :)


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