Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Wonderful Season Called Fall! (+Giveaway)

     Howdy Friends! Can I just tell you I LOVE FALL! The visual concert of changing  leaves, the cooling of the nights, the smoky smell of fires warming houses, the crisp air in the morning that clears the lungs... sigh. I LOVE IT!
     With that change, comes a change in our students as well. They get a bit crazy as they start to spend more time indoors and less outdoors. But, I have a solution. Creative and hands-on type learning activities give your kiddos a change to use that energy for good! :)
     I thought I would group all my fall-themed activities here to show you what I have! There are even TWO FREEBIES included below. I put the approximate grade levels under each item. To see the item in my TpT shop, simply click on the picture. :) (I also sell these items on, and Teachers Notebook if you prefer those sites!)

 Grade 3-6                             Grades k-2

  Grade k-2                             Grades 3-6+

         Grades k-5+                    Grades 2-6+ (FREE)

  Grades k-2                          Grades 3-6

                                Grades 1-6 (FREE)                Grades 3-6 

     I hope there is something that catches your eye, and DON'T FORGET THE FREEBIES! WAHOO!
To see my FREE Turkey Pick-a-Story in action, check out THIS POST. I think you will really enjoy using it with your students. I couldn't believe the creative stories that they created and shared... ha ha.

     So, the GIVE AWAY PART! That is easy! Click HERE to visit the All Thing Upper Elementary blog where the giveaway is being hosted. You will need to gather key words from EACH participant's blog to enter. It is will be worth your time. The Prize is a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to TPT (for TWO lucky winners). So, click on over AFTER you finish this post and enter to win. GOOD LUCK! :)

     Back to the post... The part I like best about Fall is CHANGE
     YOUR TURN! What is YOUR favorite part of fall? Leave a comment below. I would LOVE to hear from you!


  1. My favorite part of fall is that magical time of evening when the air is crisp and the sunlight golden drifting between the autumnal leaves as they shimmer and shudder and cling to their branches before finally settling to the ground for their winter nap.

  2. My favorite thing about fall is the colors. Sadly, here in NH the colors are mostly gone already though.

  3. I love the cooler weather and the holidays.


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