Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Monday Preview + A FREEBIE LINKY!

Greetings My Dear Friends!
I hope that you have been well. It has been quite a while since I last posted and I apologize for that. Life has been crazy (I even bought a new car... WAHOO!) But I did want to have a FREEBIE LINKY because I enjoy sharing with you so much!

I wanted to share some of my top rated resources! Click the picture to see details on purchasing the resource (or to add it to your wish list!)

My Mystery Picture Series have been wildly popular for the last couple of years! With sets that span the entire school year now available, you are SURE to love them too! 

Lower grades LOVE coloring, and these mystery pictures reinforce sight word practice too! With 23 sets (or the MEGA BUNDLE) you can keep the practicing ALL YEAR LONG! WAHOO!

Welcome to the world of Dodecahedrons! These projects are a HUGE hit with teachers and students all around the world! Not only are they engaging to look at, the assignments required to complete all 12 sides require a variety of skills (math, reading, writing, art) and can get even the most stubborn learner to participate. 

Dodecahedrons hold a lot of mystery and fun for students. Not only do they work to complete 12 mini-assignments, they assemble them into an amazing display! This one makes an ornament PERFECT for the tree! So much fun and educational too!

My 13-year old son has discovered the power of digital doodling! He currently has three sets available (one is a FREEBIE). With many more sets ready to be uploaded, prepare to see an amazing line of Hughes Doodles coming your way. This family created line is sure to enhance your teaching resources!

Below you will find TWO different LINKYS!

The first is the FREEBIE linky! All items that are posted there are FREE! What a great way to get a jump start on the holiday planning. There should be items for all grade levels included, and most are marked with the grade level.

The SECOND linky, is a collection of MUST HAVE items from amazing teacher-authors! These are the most wish-listed items in their store (OR, brand-new items you HAVE to check out!). So, after you gather all your great FREE items, load up your wishlist and shopping cart for the HUGE CYBER MONDAY sales that will be going on at MOST teacher resource sites! My Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook shops will be 10% off + you get the site discount of 10% at teacher's pay teachers (Use the code: CYBER at checkout) making it 20% OFF! TOTAL SCORE!


Remember, THESE items are found in sellers TOP 10 MOST WISH LISTED ITEMS! OR, items that are hot off the presses that sound fabulous! That means that hundreds of teachers are excited to own these resources! Go ahead, add it to YOUR wish list and then use the PROMO Code and sales at each seller's store to get a GREAT CYBER MONDAY deal!

(LINKING UP? Feel free to add up to THREE of your TOP 10 most wish-listed items, AND/OR, new items that is a MUST HAVE!)

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the great FREE items and enjoy HUGE $AVINGS on Monday and Tuesday!

Mr. Hughes


  1. I love your link-ups! Thanks you so much for all you do. Happy Holidays!

  2. YAY! for a new car! Hope things are settling down, but with the holidays...well, you never know! Thanks for the linky!

  3. Thanks for the link-up. Love the top product idea! =) Now off to fill my cart!

  4. Love your linkies! Leave it up to me to mess one up though..I accidentally put a paid one in the freebie section...Can you delete it?

  5. Such great products! I've added some to my wishlist just in time for the big Cyper sale at TpT! Thanks for providing this linky!

  6. Thanks as always for the linky! I am going to do a blog post this time. Hope I can get the links right. I am still learning all this html! I am wondering if my Ks can do your ornament dedocahedron? I love the ones we did for the upper grades.

    Visit me at Teaching By The Sea!

  7. Thank you for hosting this great linky!
    Conversations in Literacy

  8. Thank you for hosting this linky! Now I need to go check out all of the great items posted!

  9. I see you are a father of 6! I have 4 myself. There is never a dull moment in our house either. Thanks so much for hosting this linky. I am your newest follower.
    Thanks Again!
    Kindergarten Boom Boom

  10. Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in TWO great linkys. So many great ideas being shared this week!

  11. Such fantastic resources, as always! Thank you for hosting a wonderful one stop shoppe!

  12. Thank you so much for hosting such a great linky party! It is such a wealth of great resources for any teacher!
    Hands-On Happiness

  13. What a great Linky Party! Thanks for hosting, John! Have a wonderful holiday season. :)
    Desktop Learning Adventures

  14. Such great freebies! Thank you for doing this Linky Party!

  15. Thanks for the great linky! You rock!

  16. Thanks for the link up! Happy Holidays :)

  17. Thank you, thank you for these great Linky parties!!

  18. Thank you for the great linky! Happy Holidays.

  19. Thank you for the Linky party!

  20. Hey EVERYONE!
    Thanks so much for your support. I LOVE seeing so many amazing resources being shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  21. Thanks for doing this linky, and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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  23. Thanks for all the great resources and the chance to link up!
    Reading and Writing Redhead

  24. I have found some great products here. Thanks.
    Mrs. Tretbar's Library

  25. Thanks for the linky! I appreciate the opportunity to link up!

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  26. Thanks so much, John, for another great Linky! I hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

  27. Great linky!! Thanks so much and I love your backgrounds!

  28. Thanks everyone for linking up! It is so wonderful to work with all of you! :)
    I hope you will join me again for the next event soon! WAHOO!

  29. Top links Mr. H! Thanks so much.


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