Sunday, June 01, 2014

Pinterest- An Idea Mecca For Teachers

I must say that when I first heard of Pinterest, I was far from impressed and thought it a silly "girl" thing my wife enjoyed. BOY WAS I WRONG!

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of looking at it, but when my MALE teaching friend got all interested and had my wife show him how to use it, I decided that I may have been a little premature in my judgement! (Thanks to my wife for her patience AND for not rubbing it in OR torturing me with the 'I told you so' stuff).

So, two years ago, I had no followers, and had no clue what I was doing. Today, I have over 28,000 followers (and follow over 8,400 others) and I couldn't be more content with the idea generation that Pinterest provides. (Not to mention you can let your teacher hoarder run wild because nothing you collect takes up physical space in your house or classroom- bwa ha ha ha ...)

So, why do I share all this? Well, I have found so many inspiring ideas, anchor charts, science experiments, math ideas, tasty recipes for my wife to try (I burn everything I touch), laughter, and sometimes, things that make me go, hmmmm... AND, I just want to share with you some amazing Pinterest Boards (collections from myself and others) that you just might want to follow or "pin" from! BUT, first things first-

If you are NOT a member of the ever growing Pinterest community, now is the time- Go HERE and sign up. It is easy-peasy and you will be SO glad you did! WAHOO! Just remember to COME BACK to this post!

The site will walk you through the basics when you create your account, so no worries- and it has a short learning curve, meaning you will be up and pinning with the pros in no time!

Once you have your account, you can check out the boards below and click on the "FOLLOW BOARD" button at the top. Then, any idea that the amazing board owner posts, will show up in your Pinterest Feed and you can "Pin" it to one of your boards, thus securing that idea in your collection for eternity (or until you delete it!)

One last piece of advice! I realize that Pinterest is NOT just for teachers, and that there are TONS of ideas out there. AWESOME! Remember to SHARE your ideas with the community too. Yes, YOU! We all have wonderful things to share with each other.

Now.. on to the boards. These are 23 BOARDS handpicked just for you and they are boards that are sure to NOT disappoint you when you need a great idea! Go ahead, click around- and remember to follow the ones you find inspiration from!






















Thanks for stopping by and HAVE FUN PINNING! WAHOO!

If you have questions about Pinterest or have a board to share- leave a comment! I am always looking for more idea filled boards to enjoy!



  1. What a great resource! I found I'm already following most of these awesome boards, but I found a few new gems. Thanks!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. Wahoo! I am so pleased to hear it Sally! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy all these new idea generators! :)

  2. Thank you so much!! I just created six new Pinterest boards based on the mentor text pin you gave above. I can now cross that off my to-do list this summer. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Jennifer-
      That is AWESOME! WAHOO! I will have to track you down and check them out. :) Have a great day!

  3. Super list of Pinterest boards! Thanks for sharing!
    Cheryl and Wendy
    from Get Caught Engineering

    1. Thanks so much for sopping by Cheryl and Wendy!
      Glad you enjoyed the post. Remember to share it with your teaching friends (and non-teaching friends too...)

  4. Hi Mr. Hughes,
    I love pinning and I'm happy to have gained more than 5,000 followers in a little over one year. I wish I had found out about Pinterest while I was still in the classroom.
    I have been following some of the boards on your list and now I have new ones to check out.
    Thanks for letting me be a collaborator on "Upper Grade Goodies"!

    Cheers from Brazil,
    Lucy :)

    1. Howdy Lucy!
      I am so pleased that you are finding success on Pinterest! WAHOO! Enjoy finding new boards to follow and thanks again!

  5. I admit I'm a little obsessed with Pinterest! Thank you for this resource, I'll definitely be checking out all of these boards. I have many educational boards too if you're interested
    Thanks again!

  6. Some other great boards to follow can be found at Happy pinning! Great article.


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