Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another day has ended, where does the time go?

Greeting Readers,
Today was a GREAT day! I was able to do my presentation for my district. What made this even more challenging is that the district supervisor of elementary education came into watch and brought a bunch of other higher level administrators with him to watch. That was interesting. I enjoyed teaching the teachers, and I am glad that it is over and I get the chance to just attend this 3 day event as a participant now, and relax a little.
We had a great moment here in town today, the phones all went out- no credit card transactions in a tourist town- think about that. When I went to gas up the district car at the West Winds Truck Stop Several truckers were unable to pay for the fuel, but needed to get back on the road. It was causing LOTS of problems. My internet was also down- so that is why this is so late tonight.
My wife leaves in the morning. We got our van back. The mechanic said the car gave a code this time. It will require a $70 part, and he wants to be sure, so he said drive it this weekend and see if it does it again. Then he can check the code again and make sure it really is the correct fix for the car. I hate when cars do this. I stress out anyways, and don't need the extra stress- so I hope it gets figured out soon.
Well, since I have to be up and gone in 6 short hours, I better get some shut-eye. Have a great night-

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