Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Mornin'

It is a beautiful day today. I was up around 7:30am and out trying to fix the irrigation connection with our water pump. The hose keeps collapsing and cutting off the water flow. I think I got it fixed though-
In case you were wondering- "Shed Day" turned into Patio day. We decided to do the patio first and go and get the shed next month sometime. I can build a patio with pavers, I CAN NOT build a shed. I don't have the tools or even an ounce of handyman in me. So I will have to beg my friends to help me out. So as soon as the sun is over the house and a little shade appears in the back yard, I will be out there leveling the sand base and laying the 12" x 12" pavers. 432 pavers later we should have a wonderful patio.
So check back later this evening for the before and after pictures of this amazing project!
Smile and Be Happy...

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