Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holy Sore Knees!

My knees are KILLING me! Put I did put in the patio we thought we were getting. Notice the "Thought we were getting part". We apparently have NO clue how to calculate amounts of needed materials as we are done and still have over 1/2 pallet of each color. So we spent about $400 more than we needed too! Funny...not really. But we have decided to take our mistake and just enlarge the patio. The pictures are included as promised- I didn't want to let my listeners (ok, mostly readers) down. I can say that I am happy and thankful that it is done.
Before I started and after it was done:

See it turned out REALLY nice. Once we get the sand wet down and the squares cleaned off, I will have to post another picture so you can really see the checkboard pattern in it. My son wants to go out and play mini-checkers. I think that would be alot of fun- tomorrow/ later. (Side note: The ugly steps you see by the backdoor are being replace with a small deck within the next few months. I will update you on that later.

Well, off to be with the family- just wanted to update you. We head for Orem on Monday and then to Richfield! YUCK! That is going to be a VERY long day!

Oh, my dad came and helped me install the other AC unit today. Now our computer room stays nice and cool as well as my bedroom. With the days hitting in the 100 degress everyday, it's nice to be able to cool down.

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