Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now That Was Some Wind!

WOW! We had a microburst here in town- talk about wind! Church was good- I have to be at meetings starting at 8:15am-1pm. Makes for a long day at times, but well worth it. I am the Elder's Quorum President in my ward. That comes with alot of time investment and service. But it is also something that I enjoy.
We were able to get out yard watered, the garden and grass included, this afternoon. That means I only need to water the front flower beds before we head out up to Orem tomorrow morning. This week is going to be long. My wife is heading up Thursday to her grandma's family reunion(her mom's family) and I will be traveling back and forth 84 miles each day to attend CORE academy. Any ways, it is late and I am tired. Have a great night and I will report from Richfield, Utah tomorrow night IF the motel does FREE internet. :)
Signing off...

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