Thursday, July 17, 2008

And Now, The End...

And now for the exciting conculsion-
As I had lasted stated, I was presenting and having a hard time focusing on my presentation. (Not shocking if you if you know me at all). kept thinking that this can't be happening. I have been SO careful all summer to avoid this very problem.
I know that it is WAY past time for the USPS man to be there and my heart was sinking more every minute. I got the participants working on lesson and turned around to move back to the front of the room. And, dear readers, is the best part. My wife walked through the door, set a Priority Mail box on the counter, smiled, and walked out.

Now, this is the moment that the angels sing and the light appears and all is well.
I was able to finish my presentation and handout the items to the participants, with out them even knowing how close they came to not even getting anything. We loaded up and headed home.

Home. What a nice place. We arrived before 6:30pm which NEVER happens becuase we are usually in Salt Lake. We were able to water the yard AND go visit my parents.

We are getting overrun with mosquitos and gnats at this point in the summer. It is SO frustrating as the county doesn't come and spray as often as they should. My poor kids are covered in bites all the time.

So there is the end of my story. Yes, I know, I need to tell about my daughter and the blue bead. And I will, just not right now...


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  1. Well, I am so glad that it all turned out okay. I know how stressful stuff like that can be...I have forgotten stuff for presentations and it really makes me freak out.


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