Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watching Spiderwick Chronicles and Sharing a Great Picture-

Here is a great brain-teaser:

Can you find the 9 people hidden in this picture?

I saw this in a classroom I was presenting in. I think it presents a great challenge.
When you find them leave a post with where they are. If you can find all 9, supposedly you are a genius. So, enjoy!

We are watching the movie "The Spiderwick Chronicles". We told our oldest son that if would read all 5 books, that we would buy the movie for him. So, here we are watching, and all the kids are freaking out about the monsters in it. It IS a bit creepy, but nothing out of control, yet!

Tomorrow start MY family reunion, so I may go AWOL for a while. Peace out!

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  1. I think I found nine, but is that a baby that the lady is holding and if so, does it count as one person (I would have to say yes!).


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