Sunday, July 20, 2008

There Should TOTALLY Be A Law!

So I think that my next letter to the State Legislature is going to include a push for a new traffic law! What you ask? (and if even if you aren't TOO bad- you get to read it anyway!)
If you are a driving a motorhome/RV/diesel/hunk of junk car and you see that you have more than 8 cars going 10-20 miles UNDER the speed limit behind you, because you simply CAN'T go faster, you, BY LAW, must pull over and let everyone else pass you. We spent a good 45 minutes going 10-20 miles UNDER the speed limit because an RV wouldn't pull over. There were approx. 20 cars behind him. I am suprised that people weren't throwing things at him and giving him the bird.

Anyways, we are here at the Hotel in the town of my next presentation. The kids are bouncing off the walls. My 1 year cried most of the way here. My wife and I discussed how nice it would be if we could put a sheet of sound proof plexi-glass between us and the kids with a little window (like a taxi cab) to feed them treats and shut out the noise, but alas, we can't, and it was a long trip. Made worse of course by the fact that out state never stops road construction and we were forced to run an obstacle course in our van. Swerving lanes and trying to figure out which of the painted line were THE painted lines, riding 5 inches from the cement divider and praying that a gust of wind didn't make your car kiss it! Good thing I play PLaystation's DRIVER on a regular basis!

The reunion went well. I will discuss it in more detail later tonight or tomorrow and I promise the bead and daughter story as well. I may be a little slow on the posts for the few days as I have a unit due to the MailBox Magazine soon and I need to focus on it more.

I am very excited that next week is my last week to present. Only three more presentations! YEA!

Well, time to go and feed the herd,

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