Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jig

Well Listeners,
It has been a day. I am just about tired to death of CORE Academy. I think it is a great program and I enjoy the lessons, etc. I am just really tired of traveling, staying in motels, and eating fastfood. Anyways, I am gald to be home. We are unpacked and settled in.

I want to share my thoughts about the movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles. If I were to rate it on just entertainment value, I would give it a 8/10. But being a teacher, and having read the entire series twice, I would have to give it a 3/10. I was beyond disappointed on how little it followed the actual books, and frustrated that they left out some of the best parts of the book (like the dwarfs) and twisted others way out of context (like the part with the troll and the underground passage). As a teacher I like to read a series or book to my class, and then watch excerpts of the movie and discuss what they saw or happened. That won't even be an option with this movie as it doesn't even remotely stick to the story line. It reminds me sadly of the poorly done attempt with the Series of Unfortunate Events. That movie was so disappointing that I won't even waste your time commenting on it. I do have to say that the Harry Potter movies have done a fair job of keeping it true to the story line. But even they have cut and whittled too much away. I really wish that Hollywood would STOP taking popular childrens books and making them into movies. It discourages many kids from reading the books because now they can "just watch the movie".

I hope the see better judgement and stick-to-it-ness with books and movies in the future, but I remain doubtful it will happen.

With those thoughts,


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog!! Cool that you have a blog too, I'll have to mention it to Heidi. I keep telling her to do a blog, because she has plenty to write about with her 5 kids..but she doesn't know how to upload pictures. I'll have to sit down with her sometime and show her. Looks like all is well with your family, you have such cute kids! Take care!

  2. I can't agree more! I also wish they would quit making movies of children's books! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! The students don't want to read the books because they have already "seen the movie." I think with the kids in this generation we need a new saying, "Don't judge a book by the movie!"


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