Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Eve'nin Folks!

Today was a busy day. We woke up late (YEA!) and took our van down to the shop. The mechanic wasn't in to day, so I left it and asked to have it serviced. The shop called and said that we need new brake pads, the rotors turned (Plus labor on all that), and the oil change. Then we get to hear about the sensor or what ever it is that needs replaced. Oh well, I guess that it what savings is for.
I fought the good fight with the squashbugs and killed off maybe 20 more today. Little buggers. Kids even started helping- They think it is cool to smash them- I think it is kind of gross (they have a stinky smell to them). I went with a memeber of my church to visit some families in our ward, and then I started to water the lawn. It got dark before I got the whole thing watered, but I have a good start for tomorrow. All in all, that was my day. I did get to see "iRobot" on TV today. I like that show a lot (minus the swearing).
I am looking forward to tomorrow and all that I need to do. Until then- signing off...

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