Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally, A Day Of My Own

That is the word of the day today. I have had a relaxing and enjoyable day. I made it to my tutoring gig around 9am. Found out that I am going to be tutoring in a lot more than just math! I spent about 1.5 hours getting him set up with assignments and will be returning again tomorrow to check his work and set him up with more work. Then I was able to work in the yard, help my mom make an invitation for her counsins reunion, and went shopping. Now I am sitting here trying to think of something to tell that will entertain you.

Well, I really can't. So I know that this is a short, boring post, but I wanted to check-in with everyone today.

Oh, I guess I could tell you that I got an e-mail for the CORE Academy asking me to teach the presentation before mine in Logan. I told them that I really didn't want to teach for 5 hours straight. So I would rather not. I haven't heard back, so I assume that they know I am not doing it. They tried to use the "You owe us one since we didn't get mad about the books and dice you forgot".

Speaking of which, I guess I do have an entertaining story to share. I last left you with the knowledge that my books had been shipped, and that they were in Spanish Fork. At least that is what the confirmation results showed. I even called the post office, but they were of little help (which is kind of typical of most post offices). I got to the school and Ami, the assistant was on her phone outside. She told me they hadn't shown up yet. I went ahead and set up for my presentation. Had lunch with Allisha and the kids. Still no box. I went and talked to the school office staff. They said the mail is rarely later than 1:30. My presentations start at 1:20. I just know that with my luck the post truck will go up in flames and my items will be lost forever. Right on the dot at 1:20 I start my presentation. I had told my wife if they came to count out the number I needed and bring them in to me. I kept looking at my watch. it was 1:35 and still no wife or box. I am starting to get VERY worried, almost to the point of NOT being able to focus super well on my presentation.

To Be Continued...

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  1. So did they come or not????? I am curious to know. I have a BAD attitude about the USPS lately. We have had a few problems and they haven't been all that helpful. Remember when our tax papers came to us with "delivery confirmation" and it took us three weeks to get them and when we finally did...they had been OPENED???? Awful. Don't get me started...there is more, but I will spare you! :)


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