Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Again (with a little detour and tragic story as an added bonus)

After a awesome presentation yesterday (probably the best I have ever done), I was basking in the glow of doing well when it hit me I was in BIG, and I mean REALLY BIG trouble. I realized in that moment, like many of you may have experienced, that something was amiss with my materials. I only had 5 books and 5 bags of dice to give away instead of the 30 that I needed for my next presentation. Now, if you know anything about me at all, you will realize that this is really going to put a cramp in my day. The needed materials are 180 miles away and that means 3 hours of driving ONE WAY to pick them up. I really don't want to drive and get them and I really just want them to appear in my box for the next day. I go in to total meltdown mode. I am freaking out (not in the yelling and running around screaming way- I usually don't do that- just with mice). I go to the big bosses assistant and ask what am I supposed to do. She wasn't sure I was serious. Well, then she was almost laughing. She called Max, who is the director of CORE Academy to see what needed to be done. He asked if we could get them mailed to the next school because it would be cheaper than paying to have me drive home and get them (which would not be fun). I called my parents and good thing I called when I did. They were gasing up their truck and getting ready to head out of town. They went to my house, counted out the materials I needed and sent them Priority Mail. Now, don't think this means that I stopped freaking out. If my materials don't arrive then I can't give the participants their "gifts" and then they will not be happy! I can't even TELL them they are going to be getting them in case they don't arrive in time. This causes me GREAT stress as I like things to be PREFECT. The good news is that I didn't have to drive home to get the materials, the bad news is that I am at the mercy of the USPS- not that that is always a bad thing.
We met my sister at D.I. again (yep, that's right) and browse for a while. Then we headed over the the AT&T spring Store to ask for my NEA (National Education Association) discount and possibly get new phones. Well, we got new phones. The SAMSUNG SGH-A737 I like it. I don't like adding the contacts all over again- our old phones SIM cards wouldn't let us save them. I even got a discount on my service. We then went to Robert's Crafts again, I have already shared my feelings on that (See an older post), then came home to relax and visit.
My sister decided she needed to go to the store (a.k.a Wal-Mart- which I hate) for some bread so we could have french toast- yummy! While we were there I picked up a blue tooth headset for my wife (as our new phones do not have a headphone jack that is regular- you need a "special" headset for Samsung phones) and two 2GB Mini-SD cards to put music and ringtones on our phones. That was nice.
After that it was MarioKart mainia until all hours of the night and then sleep- oh beautiful sleep- sleep that I am lacking in a major way! Anyways, we woke up by 7:30 this morning so that the AC repair man could come and fix the AC unit in my sister apartment. And, by way of note- no wetness either. I just checked on-line and it said that my materials were delievered, but when I called they said they don't have them yet. They have been delievered to the post office in the town, they just aren't at the school yet. I SO hope they are there by 3:50 pm for I am still in FREAK OUT mode and want it to go away.
I am thankful that we are heading home today. I need a break from the stress of CORE Academy and traveling (and so does my Credit Card).
I am excited to share the story of the bead and my daughter one of these days, for it is a very interesting and unique tale of a 5 year-old girl.
I need to go and shower and get ready to leave. It is an hour drive to the next location and we need to stop and get fuel before we go to the next school as well.
So, I will sign off for now. I will let you know about the story of the materials later tonight or tomorrow.

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