Monday, July 14, 2008

Why am I wet?

Well, you know how we all have had those dreams that leave us awake and wondering why we didn't make it to the bathroom- well my 3 year old did that to my wife last night. He crawled up on our bed and laid down on my wife and peed all over her and the blanket and such. We are staying at my sisters and we were on a double air matress (one that is the same height as a regular bed). So after going to bed a 2am, I got the chance to be up at 7:30am to help clean up the mess. So that is how my day has started. But it is okay. I don't really mind (I guess I wasn't the one being urinated on either). Then my infant son (who just turned one) filled his diaper. I hope it isn't going to be "one of those days" as I have a presentation to do in a few short hours and this is a tough school (same one I was at where the lady was questioning everything I was doing). But then we are going to do some fun stuff- like go to D.I. (hopefully not to run into a lady and yell at each other) and maybe go back to Robert's Crafts.
MarioKart went well. I feel that I held my own pretty good. I know these ae random ramblings, but yet somehow entertaining.

And for a grand finale I would like to finish my mouse story:

***If you haven't read the beginning, pause here and read the post for July 5th, or click HERE

When we last saw our star (that would be me) I had just discovered that the mouse glue trap was gone and I could still hear squeaking in the vent. This is NOT GOOD. I wasn't about to just reach in the vent and feel around- who knows what might be lurking inside there. Then I had a fantastically bright idea- now, I have to admit that being a teacher, I tend to get these quite frequently, and if I do say so myself, they turn out much better than what I am about to share- ANYWAYS, I thought, "Hey, I think that I will get my wife's camera and take a picture in the vent". And I am pleased to say that the picture turned out wonderfully, with one minor hitch. There wasn't a mouse in it. The vent looked nice and clean however and I was thankful for that. So I turned the camera the opposite way and it too was a nice picture of the inside of my vent but still no mouse. How could this be? I could hear it and it didn't sound far away! I looked closer at the 2nd picture and noticed that in the corner there was a black something. What was that? I turned the camera a little and took another picture. Can you say HELLO MOUSE! The camera was right in its face. In fact the picture was a little creepy. Well now what? My wife came in the kitchen to see the picture and suggested that I put a Wal-Mart bag over my hand. Brilliant! So I put the bag over my hand and carefully reached my hand down into the vent. Now reader, let me pause here to tell you that I am a little apprehensive about doing these kind on things anyways. I hate going under our house in the 18 inch crawl space, I don't like deep water, and I dislike reaching into holes where you never know what might be waiting. I don't know what possesed me to even think about this, but as I reached into the vent hole and turned my had towards the mouse it happened! What you ask- IT BIT ME!!!!! Boy did I freak out. I pulled my hand out of the hole and was yelling (this is at 11:30pm and all the kids are sleeping in the next room) and saying, "It Bit Me, It Bit Me!". Now I hope you can picture my wife who is laughing hysterically at this point. The freaking out isn't over yet either. With my hand and bag, out came the glue trap stuck TO the bag. And it was starting to peel away from the bag. So I am strongly uring my wife to get another bag to put this one in. Laughing all the way to the pantry, she returns with one. I drop the mouse, trap, and bag in to the second bag and am thankful that it is all over (and that the mouse didn't break the skin, and that I can take it out to the garbage can). And the moral of this story is Never, ever, ever, ever put a glue trap in a vent that has openings going both ways (and never reach into a hole with just a Wal-Mart bag on your hand).

So there reader is the exciting and final installment of the Mouse in the Vent.
I do hope you know that you are always free to leave comments on any of the posts by simply clicking on the "Comments" link at the end of each post. I appreciate any and all comments (even the one where the guy said my site sucked!)

I will have another exciting tale to tell when I finish calling McDonald's today. I never had time too last week, and it is SO going to happen this week. I hope today, but for sure my the end of the week. I am also going to be buying a decent microphone for my computer so I can podcast in non-underwater sounding sound. Say that 5 times really fast.

Anyways, time to get moving. I hope you like the new layout, header (designed by my sister of CS Designs, and feel. In truth I killed my site and got to bascially start over. That wasn't any fun and I don't recommend it at all.



  1. Funny! Thanks for the good laugh! I can just hear Allisha laughing too. :) Great story!

  2. I would have LOVED to see that! And I can hear Allisha laughing as well! Gotta love it! I had a mouse that could lick the peanut butter off the trap without setting it off... took me 4 times to get the little bugger caught! ;)

  3. Sorry, John...but I was laughing right along with your wife. You will be glad to know that you now have experience in rescuing hamsters and other 'family' pets that will find their way to your heating ducts! Judi Poulter


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