Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Again- And Loving It

Well, after three days of camping I can honestly say that I am NOT an outdoors type of person. Don't get me wrong, Mother Nature is nice and all, but I prefer the "live in my house" type living.
We went to the Crystal Geyser Thrusday afternoon- we missed seeing it erupt by 20 minutes. Figures. We had a B-B-Q and visited for a few hours. Then we came back to camp and relaxed and setup camp(funny story there- when we went down at 2:30 to check-in, they informed us they needed to water for a least 2 hours before we could setup camp. WRONG! We let them water for an hour, but then we brought in the coolers and other Non-Tenty things.)
Everyone setup camp and that was day 1.

Day 2- We had breakfast (which my wife and I had to do as well since her sister didn't come) and then headed out to the River Beach. There is a place along the river near town that is sand just like a tropical beach. The river is shallow and you can wade and swim in the water close to shore. Her entire family and the kids all got in and had a blast. I chose to sit and watch. I think I have shared my view of swimming- if not, I dislike it very much. Anyways, we had a nice lunch at the beach and then headed back to camp. Everyone went to shower and, as runs our luck, they were cleaning the bathrooms, so that put everyone behind schedule. When everyone was ready we headed to my classroom and made paper rockets and launched them. Our family came in 3rd place. Not bad. It was fun and it was nice to be in the cooler air of the school. (They were also actually putting in the carpet that was supposed to be done by July 1st.) Afterwards we headed back and had a nice dinner (I LOVE dutchoven potatoes.) And my son's 1st birthday. YEA! It was fun. He got some great gifts and we gave him his own cake to eat- and BOY did he eat it!
That was pretty much last night.

Day 3- This morning we had a great breakfast and then played BUNKO. It was pretty fun. Then we broke camp, had lunch, and headed home. I am SO glad we only had to go down the street and unpack!
Well, you would never know it, but it about 5 hours after I started the original post. My wife's brother and his family stopped by for a few hours on their way back from their vacation in St. George. We had a nice visit. Then I had to Miracle-Grow the lawn and finish watering the garden. Now, it is time for All-Night Mario Kart. I do promise to finish the mouse story this week- And I am hoping for another Podcast as well.
Until Later...

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  1. I laughed when I read your latest post. We are so much's SCARY. What I can't believe is that you actually camped when you could have been at your house!!!! Well, I guess that is the type of thing good parents do. :)


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