Friday, July 04, 2008

Honey, We're Home!

Hello All, It has been a wonderful evening. Here is a few picture from the festivities:

My Cute Family:

My Son and His First Fireworks (with my beautiful wife):

Here Are My Cute Kids:

Me, and My Best Side:

Here is a Short Video of Our Town Fireworks:

I hope that you all had a glorious and fullfilling day. I truly am proud to be an American. It never ceases to amaze me at the freedoms we have and the way some poeple choose to use that freedom. If people would only stop and think before doing many of the harmful things they do, I think that life would be much better. But, there again is another soapbox for another time. Anyways, aside from the heat in this desert paradise, I am grateful for all that I have. Take Care, Until Tomorrow...another time.

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  1. Aaaahhhhh!! I miss you guys!! Everybody's grown so much! ;)


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