Saturday, July 05, 2008

10am and still 80degrees F

Last night was long, hot, and miserable. The temperature never dipped below 80. That is a killer. Usually we get down into the 60's, so that was a huge difference. I am outside fighting the gnats and watering out flowerbeds. The sun was behind clouds for about 2 hours, but now it is starting to sneak out. I know, I know. In 6 months I am going to wish that it was summer again. My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. I love it when the temperature is perfect, the bugs are gone, and it gets dark at a reasonable time. The colors are just starting and it is so peaceful. Makes me remember growing up and loving it when the trees lost their leaves so we could rake them up and jump in them.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Sunday already. We are heading out again tomorrow after Church, back to the Salt Lake area. I have three presentations this week and my wife's reunion (which I have mentioned ALOT in past posts) to enjoy. It should be really fun. I can't say as I will get to do much blogging during that time, but you never know. Our van will hopefully make it where we need to go. I wish the mechanic could just figure it out. Hopefully this $70 sensor we are putting in will fix it.

Oh, yes. I must tell you about the mouse last night. We have had mice in our heating ducts. So I pulled out some old glue traps from when we lived up North. I put one in both kitchen vents since that is where they tend to congregate. We have already caught 2, and I was thinking that maybe we were all done. Last night we are watching TV and we hear this frantic screeching. I looked at my wife and said, "Another Mouse!". I just went back to watching TV for a while. I decided I had better take care of it before we went to bed so I open the vent and low and behold, the glue trap is gone! Uh Oh! (As my baby would say).
To Be Continued...

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