Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bad Slacker, Bad!

So I totally feel like a slacker for my neglect on posting the last couple of days, but I have done anything but slack off! I have been busy, busy, busy!
Let's see, I last posted on the 7th, so this is what has happened:
On the 8th, I spent the entire day (ok, not the ENTIRE day, but most it) at the school actually making headway and feeling that I might actually pull off the first day of school! (We'll see how that actually comes off). I also found out that I was WAY under-insured on my house. So I had to almost double my coverage! But at least now if my house burns down I can actually build a new one.
As for yesterday (the 9th), I took my little family to the Castle Valley Pageant. It was a blast! It rained pretty hard for the first little bit and then cleared up. It was a wonderful and touching. It reconfirmed my beliefs (I think we need that from time to time) and reminded me yet again why I feel, say, and do the things I do. Anyways, this is best left for my new blog: so check that out for more of this talk! :) We missed the opening ceremonies and got home late (like 12:30) and I crashed.

Today, August 1oth, has been a really good day. I was able to tutor this morning and help my mom pay some of her on-line bills (which I enjoy doing and she saves postage- not to mention she gets to live in the 21st century) and then I headed to the school. After 6 hours of working I got a ton done. A lot of the little things got done that needed to be done and I am now free to move on to getting serious about planning out my first week. I do a lot of community building with my class. We do a lot of interaction games and activities and slowly add in the math and writing and everything else. The kids like the approach and I like that they seem to get along better and have more fun. Anyways, my wife and kiddies showed up for the last couple hours and were my helpers/slaves. My amazing wife was able to organize all my math manipulatives and supplies (markers, crayons, etc.) that the students use. (Thank you Honey! You are a life saver). We came home and I was able to mow that lawn (even with all the dead spots we are getting :( ) but couldn't water the lawn or finish the garden as the water was too low in the gravity ditch. Oh well!
I am excited however about inside the house. We bought new window treatments for our game room/exercise room. The previous owners had hung vertical blinds that were designed to cover a sliding glass door. TWO of them side by side and they took up the whole wall for two smaller windows. I had NO sorrow in my heart as those babies hit the carpet! Then we hung a nice curtain rod and tan/brown suede curtains. It looks really cool (I know, I need to be better about including photos with my posts- I do try. Just like Pod casting, I am SO FAR behind on that- Oh Well!) We had just finished dinner after hanging the curtains when my parents walked in and said they were watching the kids while my wife and I headed to the church to see a couple who was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They had the most amazing cakes. One was a grand piano and the other was a mountain camping scene. While there, I also got to visit with the mom of one of my soon be students. My little family is really good friends with the mom's daughter who is in college. She(the daughter) is coming to dinner with our family tomorrow. YEA! The kids love her to pieces and she is so good with them.
Well, the Olympics will only be on for a short while longer and I want to watch. So I hope these ramblings made sense. Nothing too humorous or crazy! Enjoy- Tell your friends about this blog. I mean, who can't relate to my crazy and usually problem riddled life! :)

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  1. Hi Dear. Sounds like you are having a great time getting ready for school. :) It sounds like even though life is crazy, it is good. I am glad you are well. (If you have all-state insurance, call your agent and have your account will save lots of monies) if you have already. :) loves


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