Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bad Luck Hits Again!

Well Dear Readers,

My life continues to be what it is. I have had a few ups today and a few down and a total loss of control!

Let's see. Let's start with the few ups shall we?
1) Tutoring went well. I was very touched when the grandmother gave me a copy of "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. We had been discussing the book and she said I just had to read it. I asked if I could borrow her copy when she was done, and today she handed me a copy and told me it was mine.
2) I was able to help clean up our house. It felt nice to help out my wife. She is SO swamped with doing her Melon Days sales items that she needs the extra help. (As to what she is doing- it is fantastic! I really think we will be able to make some good money selling them. I really hope to have pictures for them soon.)

For the downs:
1) I am still SO FAR from done in my classroom that it is almost depressing. And I think I need to remove the count down timer. It is making me stressed and nervous!
2) The humidity is killing me. (I am truly thankful that we had 6 hours of a light rain. It watered our yard REALLY well.)

And for the Blow-Up:
1) Well, it all started when we ordered Breaking Dawn Stephanie Meyer from, ended up cancelling it and ordering from Barnes and Noble because they have never let me down on the 3-day shipping. Well, 4 days later, and the tracking showing that the book is still in MD, I was a little miffed, not to mention my wife! So I called customer service and was told that I was out of luck. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and was told that it was my fault. I could give you all the grisly details about it but I am trying to not be angry about it any more. I told them that everything we ordered will be coming back, to cancel my on-line account, and that I will not EVER be buying anything with them again. I was beyond angry. What is up with these companies that think they can totally put off their customers and have a customer base for tomorrow? I would say don't support them, but the way my life is going and if you followed that advice, you wouldn't even be able to buy toilet paper. So, I guess another business down the drain.

I think that I will go to bed now. It is late and I am tired. We are going to my sister's tomorrow to watch the Castle Vally Pageant and visit for a few hours.

The Olympics starts tomorrow! YEA! I am sad that I am missing the opening ceremonies, but that is life (especially mine).


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  1. Hey...great to see what is going on in your life. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am sorry that I am not better at commenting. I'll try harder. Good luck with the pictures. And what crafty thing is your wife selling at Melon days?


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