Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Files, Manipulatives, and Shelves- Oh My!

Another day of battling with "stuff" is done. I wish I could report that my room is tip-top shape and all "Purtty", but alas, it is a bigger mess than when I started. So this leads to the next thought on my mind- WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING? I wish I wouldn't get my wild hairs and start moving things around. I hate clutter (I might have more crap that the local thrift store in my room, but it is organized) and so moving something over here created a pile over there, and when I would fix that pile it created a new pile over here, and thus the vicious cycle has started and I find myself running around my room moving stuff everywhere and not getting it anywhere.

I do it all in the name of "Back to School". Which isn't as noble as most would have you believe! It is the #1 cause of teacher... well teacher something (Stress? Ulcers? Diet Coke Drinking? I would like to pause at this junction and declare my independence from diet soda of any flavor as it is just not right. Super Unleaded Soda just isn't worth drinking. But anyways...) I think parents rejoice at "Back 2 School" as it means the resuming of kids being out of their hair 1/3 of the day. I guess who wouldn't rejoice about that? Oh ya, right! T-E-A-C-H-E-R-S! Maybe that isn't fair. I love teaching, I love having the students in my classroom, and I love the atmosphere of school time. But I also love the end of the day when the chatter has died down as the students leave and I get to sit at my desk (usually for the first time all day) and reflect on the day, prepare for tomorrow, and correct a thousand papers. :)

As for my post title. The "Files". I have this big idea to take all my files and put them into binders by topic. I am tired of having extra papers in my units that are not relevant. So that is a MAJOR project that will take most of the year. Again, What Was I Thinking?

The "Manipulative's". I have a ba-zillion manipulative's for math. They are in two rickety carts that are going to crash to the floor any day now. In fact, when I moved them today to a new location (see above for disaster) the drawers fell out of place. Luckily they didn't hit the floor. So Friday when we go to see my sister (I hope you are saying," They are traveling AGAIN!?!?" because that is what I'M saying) I am buying some new 7 drawer totes from my all time favorite store (NOT- see below posts for true feelings) Wally World!

The "Shelves". I did it. I can't believe I did it, but I did. I moved some shelving units and this led to the "move it here and move it to there " problem. But, on the good side, I was able to also go through some of the shelves (especially the ones by my desk) and declutter and play garbage toss with many items.So, it has been a full day.

After working at the school unit 5pm, I came home, had dinner, and then received a call from my parents with a cry for needed help. My dad has been working on his shed all day and was totally out of gas to finish what needed to be done. He called myself and the person I was supposed to go out and visit some families in the ward with. So instead, we both ended up at my parents. I think that the biggest thing I walked away from working on the shed tonight is I am OUT OF SHAPE! WOW! I made it home just in time for the rain storm to hit and showered. Then I had to run back to my parents and put all the tools away out of the rain as my parents had left for a few hours. And now I need to get to bed as I have to be up by 6am. I am driving myself and two other teachers to an all-day math training. Yippee! (See post below). So, I hope that you are not laughing (at least not too hard) at my Pre-Back to School adventures.

Anyways, more adventures of Mr. Hughes later...

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  1. And this is the point in Mr. Hughes' life when he's wishing, hoping, and praying that Jenny would move down and get to work getting whatever has been delegated to her done... *sigh* Try not to miss me too much!!! ;)


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