Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baptism, Birthday, and Back to School- Oh, My!

Howdy Ya'll (like I'm from Texas or something- NOT! But I love Texas and really wouldn't mind living there. Anyways...)

Friday was a very busy day. (That was yesterday for those of you who have lost touch with time as the Internet sucks you into its timeless powers).

My oldest son got baptised. WOW! I can't believe that I have an eight-year old.

After the baptism we headed back to the house and fed everyone dinner. It was very tasty. Then my son got to open his presents. I must say he is very loved (loved=spoiled) by his family and relatives.

I must say that he LOVED his golf clubs (Thanks Grands Hughes) and his Darth Vader Lightsaber (Thanks Grands Millett). He got new clothes and enough legos to build anything his heart desires. My amazing wife (next post will be more bragging about her) made this cake for the party. My son wanted a white shirt and tie to match his baptism. That yellow spot was an Angel Moroni tie tack (it kind of melted). It was a fantastic day.

On a different note, I was able to sleep in this morning. No tutoring. Although I do have to say that Grandma S. (The grandma for the boy I tutor) did something for me and my class that was WAY ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. She is such a sweet, giving lady. She is (if you ask me) under appreciated by her grand kids. She bought me a class set of Write Source 2000 Hardback Reference Books. (It was well over $700). I couldn't believe it. I kept telling her that she didn't need to do that. But she wanted to help the school. What a great lesson others could learn from. No, I don't mean that you need to drop $700 + dollars in your child's classroom, what I mean is that she wanted to doing something POSITIVE for the school. She had the ability to donate nice resource books. Maybe all you can afford is a little of your time. That can be harder than $700 to give up.

That reminds me,I was reading an article in a educational professional journal. It stated that dads don't come to school and participate because they are made to feel unwelcome. Well dads, is that true? Being a dad (but also a teacher) I don't see it that way (again, being the teacher is most assuredly skewing my thoughts here), but I am curious to see if that is truly the case. I would hope that ALL dads WANT to be involved and would participate at all costs. Chime in by posting a comment on this thought! Do it now before you forget!

I have been teased by some friends about all my posts being about school (they keep telling me to relax- what ever that means). Well, anyways, I just wanted to say that I officially have 23 students this year (7 more than last year, and the biggest class I have ever taught here in this town). I found out that one student won't be coming and there is still one more that is up in the air until Monday. After 6 more hours today, I have just a few more odd and ends to take care of I can comfortably welcome the first day of school. My problem is that I get their wild haired ideas that take an extra 2 hours to get ready. I hope it was worth it. Being a teacher, school looming- it can all be overwhelming. But VERY rewarding.

Well, we are off to my parents to take them dinner. Happy Olympics to all and to all a good night.

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  1. Congratulations to Ian! We are proud of him and he looks so grown-up in the pictures. Hope your first week back at school goes smoothly!


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