Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Need To Brag About My Wife

Yep, it's true. I have the most amazing wife on the planet. Don't believe me? Just ask anyone who knows us and they will tell you that she is a very talented and amazing lady! Not only is she a scrapbooking guru and expert, she is amazing at crafting in general. And believe me, I fund some mighty amazing crafting. (I love you dear). Below is a small sample of what she will be selling next month at the local celebration here in town. We have rented a booth with my sister ( and I have a feeling that she will do amazingly well!

I think it is pretty clear how amazing my wife is. She even has people wanting her ideas so they can copy them and make money from them. Pretty tacky, but what ever works for them I guess. Just shows that she is even more talented than I thought. Everyday she completes a new set of words or several frame. Right now she is working on completing the words "baby". One in blue and one in pink. She will be doing "family", "love", "Joy", plus making many, many frames. Oh, she will even be doing some watermelon slices, and she already made a HUGE "summer" one. So much to brag about that I am rambling. So if you are in the area, swing by Melon Days and check out the goods.

I had to add this picture because 1) I took it and it is rare I get a good picture, but more importantly 2) It is such a great picture. I love this little 1 year trouble maker. He is INTO everything- and destroying it. We find things in the weirdest places (like the dirty clothes and even the toilet). Beware- he walks and opens!

Have a great day, and YEA! Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal tonight! That was a close and exciting race. What an amazing athlete! Go America!



  1. Funny, we have some watermelon slices for our booth too, but only a few. I'm pretty positive that we had the same idea to go to the same that place! We are focusing more on my towels and Heidi's blankets though, it should be fun.

  2. How fun! And, I concur, your wife is AMAZING! I think you need to sell some of those things online so some of us in the great beyond can contribute our hard earned dollars to the Hughes family! ;)

  3. I do agree, you have a really amazing wife. And you know what? I have a really amazing sister too :) I can't wait to come and do my witch letters with her. It will be soon, so get ready Allisha! I am so excited, and I think I just might be in the area and have to stop by Melon Days. Luv you guys!

  4. We agree! We love your wife! :) The letters are SO adorable. Hope you sell a lot...when is melon days? Did I miss it in your post? Hopefully we will be passing through there that weekend and might be able to stop by!


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