Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wait is Over!

Wow! I can't believe that it has been so many days since I last posted! Man, Time just sneaks up on me. So, sorry about the delay.

Life has been a whirl-wind. I think I last posted on Saturday. (Crazy!) Sunday came and went. For more on that, check out http://ldspointofview.blogspot.com/. Monday was a great day. I had to be up by 5:30am so I could carpool to our district offices 90 minutes away for opening institute (teacher pep rally, basically). Headed home around 1pm and went and helped a member of my church clean his house as a surprise for his wife's b-day. So I did that until 3:30 when I had to run to the school for our first faculty meeting, and then back to my friend's house to help finish cleaning. (My wife and kids came back with me- my wife made the cheese cake). We had to leave around 7:30 to come home and do FHE and do father's blessings for school. I also had some pre-first day school things to get ready. Was able to be in bed by 11:00pm. Pretty early considering the last few weeks bed time.

I was up early this morning and at school by 7am. I was lucky enough to get two new students today. So I now have 24 students. AHH! My room isn't designed to hold that many students. I had a great day. I have a good class and we had a lot of fun doing some team building activities and games. My oldest had a great first day as well in 3rd grade. He is such a great boy.

After school I was able to relax and plan for tomorrow, come home and mow my lawn and water the garden (thanks honey for helping with the watering), and then during dinner I received a call from the 2nd grade teacher asking for help moving some furniture. I stopped by and picked up the high school science teacher (who happens to be a good friend) and we spent about an hours moving a washer, dryer, fridge, oven, and sink back into place. She wanted to pay us, silly lady! I did because it is the right thing to do. Got home to find our dishwasher had leaked water EVERYWHERE! So no dishwasher for a while. I think it needs a new seal. So I will looking in to that. All the kids have runny noses, and the baby is teething so he is sick with horrible congestion and high fever. Fun stuff at night when he only sleeps for 40-90 minutes at a time. But that is okay. I can't believe that the timer has counted all the way to zero! Crazy stuff.
Well, since it is late again, I am off to bed- More tomorrow! Peace!

P.S. My dad's knee surgery went really well. They are expecting to be home by Friday. YEA!

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