Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laundry Baskets and Back 2 School Night

Whew readers. What a day!

It was Back to School Night tonight. I think that it went well aside from the fact that only 12 of my 24 parents showed up. I was pleased to get parents I didn't think would come. I am excited for this year. I think I have a different mind set this year. I find myself NOT frustrated as the kids leave each day, but planning and thinking how to make tomorrow better! Yea. It only took 3 years going on 4 go get there. I think I have finally figured out what these kids CAN give, and it is different from the last school and district. Not better. Not worse. Just different. Once I made the mind shift change (at least I think I have made it), life seemed less stressful. I enjoy planning, correcting work, and even going to faculty meeting. So, anyways, it was a successful night.

Wednesday in our house is laundry day. My amazing wife is always so good to get our clothes cleaned. I appreciate her willingness to do that. After she gets clothes folded and put away, there are empty laundry baskets on the floor. Our baby is so funny! He loves to put things on his head. That and get in every stinkin' cupboard we own! Tonight he took a small round laundry basket, put it over his head and sat on the floor. It was hilarious. It hit the floor and all you could see was dark and hear a little giggle. He would stand up and then do it again. It was way fun to watch. I have such cute kids. I love them SO much! My daughter had a good day today again in kindergarten. I am thankful for that.

I told my wife my new goal is to come home from school and spend 15 minutes with each child every day doing something they would like to do- Read, Music, Video Games, Color, Play Kitchen or House (Yes, I will even play house), whatever. Great goal. Not working how I had planned. But I did get to spend time with my oldest and youngest. The middle two tomorrow I hope. I have tutoring after school and then I am teaching a voice lesson. It's all good though. Life is busy and good.

I hope that life continues to be good. That doesn't mean easy or always fun, just good.


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