Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rubik Cubes and Cat Poop

Great title, Huh? I bet you are wondering what in the heck that could ever mean. Well, I'll tell you.

I am one who is able to mix up a Rubik's Cube (scary thought huh? Most people buy them, turn them a couple times, back it up and set it on the shelf to look at! Come on people- play with the darn thing!) I love doing it. I have to thank my dear sister-in-law. She taught my wife who in turn taught me.
My students think that I am amazing because I can solve it. I solve it everyday after a couple of students mix it all up. The part I love about it that my students have an assignment they do every day. They have until I complete the cube to work on it. They are getting frustrated because I am finishing so fast, meaning they don't get very much time to complete their assignment. I love it because it gives me the chance to do something fun with them.
Now on to the cat poop. I was very disgruntled when mowing the lawn I stumbled upon a huge pile of it on my NEW GRASS! The neighbors are a cat factory. They have something like 10-13 cats living in their house. They let them out to roam the neighborhood and it appears they are using my grass for a litter box. Grrrrrr.....
I cleaned it up. Got the lawn mowed (it is looking SO good. I think we finally got rid of what ever was killing our lawn (aside for the pooping cats)). It is greening up well. YEA! I spent 2 hours watering the lawn, killing squash bugs, picking cucumbers (talk about WAY TO MANY- If you are in the area and need some- please, come and get them), and getting the yard back in line.
Came inside and worked on Back-2-School Night materials and handouts, and yep-
You'll never guess what happened:
Major Rain Storm.
Yep, rained for about an hour. Thunder, Lightning, the whole nine yards. Makes you wonder why you watered the lawn. Oh well. Life moves on.
School went okay. I found the plan that I am going with. Names on the board with check marks.
It was like magic. The kids simply stopped talking when I had the marker in my hand. We'll see how long it lasts. I really like the kids. I hope they understand that really soon. I think they are so used to being yelled at that they don't think I am serious because I refuse to yell at them. Believe me, I have wanted too, but I simply refuse to do that. It won't change of fix anything.
My daughter had a great day. She had kids following her around today wanting to play. I hope that she really can find a niche. She is such a sweetheart.
Well, faculty meeting at 7:15am. Should be exciting. Better head to bed. Thanks for reading,

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  1. Many times I have walked onto my grass to find dog poop. It probably wouldn't be as big of a deal, IF I ACTUALLY OWNED A FREAKING DOG!! I like dogs, but seriously, if I find out who's dog it is, they are hearing it from me!


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