Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day...

It is the day you...
Feel like it wasted away.
It has been a strange and quite unfulfilling day.
I was up late this morning- I just could not get my butt out of bed. I guess it was a good thing when the phone rang at 8:50am and I was informed that I wouldn't be tutoring today. (Well, he said that he would call later today when he was ready- he didn't). So, that lead me to think, great- I can get all sorts of the things done. Planning at the school, watering the grass, looking for items on Oriental Trading for International Speak Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19th- More on this at a later date- also check out for links etc. in the near future.) That isn't exactly what happened.

It went more this this:
*Wake up late
*Get the mail
*Decide to run to school to get a book my wife wants to read (Percy Jackson Series Book 1- See Amazon link on right hand side of page- Highly recommend this series, especially as a read-a-loud for 6th grade students). Looked for 20 minutes and couldn't find the darn thing. I guess that is my fault for having 3,000+ titles in my class library. Decided to say, "Stuff It" to that idea, and left. However, while there I noticed that all the plants my mother "left" for me at the school were as dry as a bone, and therefore I spent an additional 20 minutes watering those.
*Got home and decided to water the garden and grass before going BACK to the school to plan out Monday. That was very rewarding (NOT).
*Went to leave, but noticed that my computer desk here at home was in desperate need of a cleaning up. I have been stacking papers and bills and mail there for several weeks without really doing much about it. So over and hour later, I had the old bills shredded, the other bills filed, and my area clean and dusted.
*Ran up to my parents to put new batteries in their clock. Watched a little bit of the "Rhythmic Gymnastics" (or whatever it was). I can't help but think, "Wow! Really? This and not golf or sumo wrestling or something else?" But I guess being a guy, that really didn't do much for me.
*Dropped off a bag of old clothes to the local thrift store. (Ok, so it is the only thrift store in town).
*Headed to school. Spent the first hour getting little odd jobs and annoying projects out of the way. Finally sat down to plan (It is now after 3pm). Spent more time looking for the materials I needed (Dang me for cleaning my room and rearranging things) than actual planning. Also realized that we won't be doing computers this week as the breaker they are on is weak and keeps flipping off. That was fun! Ok...maybe not so much.
*Finally made it home and had a wonderful dinner (thanks babe).
*Had to run to the store as we needed bread and milk. Called my mom to see what she wanted us to bring to the "Closing Ceremonies" party we are having tomorrow. Bought lots more stuff.
*Came home. Read sciptures. Brushed teeth. Had family prayer. Sent kids to play for a few minutes.
*Blogging and thinking that I need to be doing a million other things.
And, that is where we currently sit.
Well, maybe it wasn't such a great day, but I am thankful that I had it for my use. I am thankful for a sweet little family. Ok, I have just been a little irritable today. I hate those kinds of days. Hopefully tomorrow is a lot better. Actually, I know it will be because I am going to MAKE it better. Thanks for reading my faithful readers! Hope you smile everytime you visit! :)
Have a great night,


  1. Ok, just curious..where do you live? In GR? Do you teach at the high school? I have always thought you lived there, but now I'm not sure.

  2. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day! :) Thats how most of my days are. lol. just sub the kids in where you talked about school and that about sums it up. lol. At least you did do things. Have a great sunday! loves


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