Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holy Cow! What a Weekend!

So that was the fastest 4 days of my life I guess. I couldn't believe that it had been that long when I checked my blog. This weekend was a fantastic experience, and one that I am glad it OVER! The student council (I am an advisor as I have mentioned- not to mention the instigator of the whole thing) raised well over $3,000 in ticket sales. It was really good. I am not sure how much we will get to keep, but we did raise a LOT of money!

We got my wife's booth set up on Friday and she sold a few items. It went well. I ended up sleeping in our booth Friday night so we didn't have to haul all the items home. That was weird. I never thought I would be sleeping in our city park, nor do I want to do that again anytime soon. Saturday was a crazy day. We had the booth open by 8:30am and I had sold quite a few sets of her words by the time she made it back to the park and returned from the parade. The day flew by and she sold like crazy. I loved it. When all was said and done she sold 30 of her 32 sets of words, almost all of her frames, and lots of her scrapbook materials. I think it was a successful weekend. I am glad it is over, but not quite looking forward to school yet. Not that it matters as it will be upon me in a few short hours. :)

This week will be good as well. We are off to Junction for our niece's birthday party on Saturday. The only thing that makes it remotely a downer is it is the 3rd weekend in a row we will have been going. I am excited to see Nichole and Justin and go to the party. It is going to be a blast for the kids as well. It sounds like quite the ordeal and should be a blast! Well, readers, I am very tired and want to sleep. I had lots of things I was planning to say, but I am too tired right now. I will fill in the details as we go over the next few weeks.


  1. How'd the concert go? I was thinking about it all night, as I was stuck at young adults! Glad the sales went well! Next step- ebay store! ;)

  2. I'm so excited for you guys that you did so well at Melon Days...Alisha made really cute stuff! Heidi and I were laughing about our booth. We wanted to hang a sign that said, "Don't bother coming in, you can't afford it!". It was pretty funny.


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